About the LVRC

The LVRC is an independent body which was established in 1986 to provide a programme of competitive and social cycling events for members aged 40 and over. While the UCI, the international governing body of cycling, holds that masters racing is for those aged 30 and over, at LVRC we are strictly for those aged 40 and more.

The membership varies from newbies to World Champions; there is a place for everyone, whatever your ability. Members are free to join any other body, as they wish.

Aside from a nationwide racing programme, each member is covered with third party insurance. Provision of membership and racing is administered on a regional basis, while an Executive Committee deals with policy, and co-ordinates the regional activities. Most of the road races are under 55 miles; there are also some stage races, criteriums, time trials and track leagues.

It is LVRC policy that races are organised on an age-group basis but members can opt to compete in a different age group to their actual calendar year of birth.  For example if a 42 year old rider feels that they are not up to the standard of that age group then they can ride in a 50+ or even 60+ race. (The only exceptions are Championship events and the national Percy Stallard race series.) Conversely, some riders of exceptional ability or masochistic tendencies opt to race in a younger age group than their calendar age, for more intense competiton and longer distance. This flexible format of age related racing has proved very successful at enabling riders to compete at their optimum level. 



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