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16/12/2017 - Passport-style photos required for 2018

Our new system requires rejoining members to upload a passport style photo for 2018. The photo will then appear, along with any personal details you've chosen to include, on the new plastic membership card.

Photos are intended as a member benefit for your safety and security. Please will you all upload a photo that is a good current likeness of you - as stated - passport style.

15/12/2017 - OVER 65 SERIES 2018 DATES

Provisional Events 

Sunday  4th  March    Baines/JCA Equippe RR             Event  1      Towcester 

Sunday  11th March   Harold Nelson Memorial Race     Event  2      Darley Moor

Sunday  25th March   Bush Healthcare  Pinvin RR         Event  3      Pershore

Saturday 31st March   Provision RT                              Event  4      Darley Moor

Sunday   1st   July       Condor Buckstone RR                Event  5     Halifax

Saturday 7th July        Worcester St John’s Crit.          Event  6     Stourbridge

Sunday    9th Sept.       Foxley Classic           RR           Event  7     Towcester

Riders - From your requests and promoters' comments all events in 2018 are at weekends. So no excuses?

Hoping everyone will support them as previously the aim is to encourage over 65’s to continue racing by providing their own peer group.

Points allocation as previously although there is a possibility of an event in May and in August. If these materialise then the series will change from best 5 results to best 6.

Anyone interested in including an O65’s race into their event please contact


18th March  Fleche Waltonne  R5

15th April  Luton RR R7

13th May  Enville RR  R6

17th June  Bridlington RR  R1/2

15th July  Tour of the Wolds RR  R5

16th Sept  St Ives CC RR  R7

12/12/2017 - Dates for 2018 Track Championships

The 2018 Track Championships will take place on Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October, at Derby Arena.

10/12/2017 - Derby - LVRC Madison Series Event Dates

Saturday 27th Jan 7-9pm

Saturday 24th Feb 7-9pm

Saturday 31st Mar 7-9pm

Saturday 28th Apr 7-9pm

Saturday 26th May 7-9pm

Saturday 23rd Jun 7-9pm

Saturday 28th Jul 7-9pm

Saturday 25th Aug 7-9pm

LVRC National Madison Championship 29th Sept 2018 - 7-9pm

07/12/2017 - New Membership System up and running....

You can now join the LVRC for next year via our new membership system with RiderHQ.

If you are a current member of the LVRC and have a RiderHQ account - most of your details will be pre-populated and you will simply have to join.
If you are new to the LVRC simply follow the joining process as described.
If you have any queries please email:
George Taylor
LVRC National Registrar (Interim)

06/12/2017 - Entries Closing for Cyclo Cross Champs

LVRC National Cyclo Cross Champs  28th December 2017 at Adventure Centre Warwick – exact time to be finalised, but expected to be around midday.

There's a Championship Race for every age category – with jersey and medals to the most successful – and a Championship for Ladies also  – maybe medals too, dependent on entry numbers.

All entries  must be on the official LVRC Entry Form ( Road ) – along with a First Class Stamped Addressed Envelope. Email entry is not acceptable. £15 fee, to 

Mick Ives  78 Mill Hill .Baginton , Nr Coventry, CV8 3AG

Race Sponsored by Vittoria Tyres.—Race organised by Team Jewson—M.I.Racing—Polypipe—McCann, for the 9th year!

Entries close soon, due to Christmas Post.

Riders MUST have current 2017 Licence , OR a 2018 Licence—Riders joining LVRC after end of Sept 2017 , will qualify for membership throught 2018.

Riders start in age groups at 20 second intervals, beginning with A category -- with Ladies starting at rear after all Men.

Race Programmes will  be sent out to Riders.

It is expected to have Transponder Timing System


Entries to

Mick Ives  78 Mill Hill .Baginton , Nr Coventry, CV8 3AG

03/12/2017 - John Ginley keeps

his world title at yesterday's Masters Cyclo-Cross event, Zilvermeer, Belgium. He is, in his own words, "chuffed" at the repeat win and the rainbow jersey two years on the trot.

23/11/2017 - The LVRC is changing with the times

so please read this announcement carefully.  Your NEC is fully committed to growing the organisation in 2018 and beyond, responding to the challenges of bike racing in the 21st Century.

At the LVRC National Executive Committee meeting on 4th November 2017 it was agreed the annual membership fee would increase to £25 with effect from 1st December 2017.

The rationale for this increase is as follows. We are investing in new and more modern administration systems which are vital to our organisational wellbeing, will be easier to maintain and will provide the foundation for other member services in the future. There are significant benefits to the members in this programme and so to pay for these developments we are both increasing the membership fees to £25 per year, and utilising some of our cash reserves. The £25 fee will include a new RiderHQ transaction cost, as explained below. The last increase in membership fees was in 2012.

The benefits to the membership are -

Membership services via RiderHQ. Currently our registration system is one we built ourselves around 2010, but it is a ‘one off’ and is now seriously out-of-date. Transferring to RiderHQ enables us to use a tried and tested system used by many other similar organisations, and to capitalise on the combined experience and developments as they emerge from a much wider community.  Our members will see very little change in this aspect EXCEPT that everyone will be asked to upload a passport style photograph to be used on the new membership card before they can join.

Membership Cards. Members will receive a new credit card size photo membership card onto which they can load relevant personal contact and medical details to be used when required. They will also receive a key fob version for use as a bike attachment as an example. Members will also be able to purchase other personalised identity products.

Online Race Calendar. We are moving to an online race calendar on RiderHQ for 2018. All races will be listed on the system, but some races will remain EOD or paper entry depending on the preferences of the organiser.  See below.

2018 Handbook. To assist with the transition to this new way of working we have decided to retain the paper Handbook for 2018, but it will NOT include the Race Calendar. It will however contain all the other information that is in there now. Ultimately all this information will be available on the new web site and the paper Handbook will probably be discontinued by 2019.

In addition, there will be a transition period while we move from one system to the new.  Details as follows:

*  You will have read above that we are migrating our membership system to Rider HQ. 

*  As part of this migration we had to close the joining process on the current website. 

*  This means that until the go-live date of the new system you are unable to renew or join online. 

*  The go-live date for the new membership system is 1st December 2017

*  For more information please email your regional registrar or a member of the NEC.

We know that many of you are already "Raring to Go" for the 2018 season, but please be patient with us, as the LVRC vaults forward into the 21st Century....

John McMillan
General Secretary


23/11/2017 - Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series 2018



I am pleased to announce that the sponsors of the Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series have agreed to support us for one more year.


We have an interesting calendar to look forward with a wide variety of courses from circuits to road. The road courses vary in severity from gently undulating to more severely undulating, but there is something there to suit everyone.


We have two new promoters for next year:- Farnborough & Camberley will promote at Dunsfold Airfield in Surrey, and the addition of the Abellio/San Fairy Ann crits in March at the Gravesend Cyclopark will give “early birds” a chance to gather in some points before the season gets fully under way.


The rest of the season is made up of events promoted by our regular, or returning, supporters, and thanks are extended once more to:- Finchley RT, Eagle RC, Ciclos Uno, TMG Horizon/Verulam, In Gear, Newbury RC, Southend Whs, GS Vecchi, and Dulwich Paragon, who will once more promote the Series finale. If there are any late additions, a separate notice will be put out.


At this stage, subject to final confirmation, it is intended to have a rider’s points from their best seven results to count towards the overall. As before, a minimum of five results will have to be obtained to qualify for an overall award, and, also as before, at least one of these must be from a road event. The individual points structure will be unchanged.


March 3rd – Abellio/SFA crits – Gravesend Cyclopark, Kent


April 29th – Finchley RT – Blackmore, Essex


May 6th – Farnborough & Camberley – Dunsfold Airfield, Surrey


May 13th – Eagle RC – Radwinter, Essex


June 10th – Ciclos Uno Hoggenberg Classic – Hog Hill


June 17th – Horizon/Verulam – Hog Hill


July 1st – In Gear – Chailey, E.Sussex


July 22nd – Newbury RC – Boxford, Berks


July 29th – Southend Over the Hill – Hog Hill


August 27th – GS Vecchi – Preston Candover, Hants


September 9th – Dulwich Paragon – Bletchingley, Surrey


Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at

21/11/2017 - Disc brakes: LVRC says 'yes'

Your National Executive Committee (NEC) is approving disc brakes for road and circuit races in 2018, in line with similar decisions by British Cycling and TLI. 

This approval has not been made lightly, but not to do so would mean that the LVRC would be the only cycling organisation in Britain not to approve their use, thus penalising our many members who are also British Cycling or TLI members.

Our approval will be reviewed at the end of the 2018 season, in the light of any decisions made by other major cycling organisations.

12/11/2017 - Derrick Woodings looks back at his 60 years in cycle sport

I WAS RIDING A 10K points race late on a Saturday afternoon in October 2010, when seeing an opportunity after sprint 1, instead of sitting up I attacked hard, my normal tactic after a sprint. Having gained a large gap, I continued with my effort and was gradually pulling back the main group, until they wound up for sprint 2 when I lost some of my advantage - until the group again sat up and I continued to gain more distance until I was within a few metres of latching onto the back. At trackside, Mick Allen had seen my attack and encouraged me to continue, while just ahead of me Paul Morphet, a coach at Manchester, had been detached from the group so I took his wheel for a bit and then accelerated past him to gain the lap. I thanked Paul for his assistance - having cruised to my first win in the LVRC track championships.

Mick (Allen), my erstwhile club mate and regular travelling companion in his large box van, had in 2010 persuaded me to re-start my track career that year, after he himself had finished 3rd in the UCI world pursuit championships at Manchester.  So I entered the two distance races plus the pursuit at Newport, and ending up winning both the pursuit and points races and coming 3rd in the scratch. I was hooked again.

When I started my bike racing career back in 1956 with the Derby Mercury it was mainly club 10’s, ridden, as was typical for those days, on a fixed gear track machine with heavy high-pressure tyres. I was gradually improving my times (in 10’s) and in 1957 I was offered a decent Mercian track frame by owner Tom Crowther, who suggested I enter  a local ‘middle-markers’ Open 25 [a middle-markers event is for riders who in the previous three seasons have taken between sixty and sixty-four minutes to rider a ‘25’ – Ed]. I came 2nd to a more experienced rider in this, and from then on I was on my way to more success. During those early years I and some club-mates occasionally used to ride on the old ‘Municipal’ track situated on the Derby ring road by the Moorways site now used for cyclo-X (parts of the old track surface are still visible in the bowl where it was built). There was no supervised training at the track, which was a huge, terribly surfaced concrete bowl  around 500 long and not at all suitable for bike racing, having been originally designed for motorsport.It was all we had until the Harvey Hadden track in Nottingham was opened, followed later by Saffron Lane in Leicester. I rode my first competition on that old track, the BDCA track championships in 1958.

It was fitting therefore to end my career at the LVRC Track Championships in October 2017, on the new boards at Derby Arena: a period of approximately 60 years, with only a few of them – 1975 to 1984 - being non-competitive (but I was still riding).

Retiring by riding the scratch race on Sunday 29th October, I was determined to finish on a high but just couldn’t get round my old adversary Vince Freely and instead had to settle for second place - with my good friend Roly Crayford 3rd - although I’m convinced he was not pushing too hard in that finishing sprint.

Martin Bush, another long-time friend, then accompanied me to the finishing line, reminiscing as he did so about how as a 12 year old he’d seen me winning a professional race on the Aberfan circuit in South Wales in 1967. What is uncanny about this, was the fact that that race had also taken place on the last weekend in October.

I received the most unbelievable, enthusiastic reception from all the riders and spectators as Martin pushed me to the finishing line, where I was presented with a signed card from all my LVRC colleagues, and a unique, framed testimony of my final dossard (number 165), and a bottle of champagne from Belper BC. Thank you, Rob Muzio and Martin Bush for organising that.  Later, on 3rd November at my racing team’s (MI Racing/Jewson/ Polypipe) annual dinner, I was presented with a splendid engraved plate that listed many of my achievements

Whilst I have had a reasonably successful 60 years, I do not consider that I have done anything out of the ordinary. There have been many more talented riders than me during my time. What I have done is persisted with what talent I’ve had, and in my book, persistence is everything in a tough sport.

During the past 60 years I’ve made many friends and been lucky to meet some very good people. It vindicates my decision as a 16 year old, to take up cycling seriously. I’d tried football, basketball, swimming and athletics but none of these sports can compare with cycling. In the last few years I’ve come to find that for us ‘veterans’ the LVRC is a superb organisation, and have enjoyed my time riding under its regulations.

I do wish all of you the best for the future, and furthermore you’ll see me around at events from time to time. Of course I could have mentioned many people I’ve been associated with, but they know who they are and it wouldn’t be fair to make a list as I’d be bound to miss someone out. Plus of course there’s only limited space in this article. The one exception here is to thank my wife for putting up with me and my rather eccentric ways for all this time; she’s been very supportive, because to have some success one has to be rather selfish at times.

Au Revoir

Derrick Woodings

07/11/2017 - Organisers of Nationals (2017)

Could all organisers of National Championships please send results in Excel and by email, to 

04/11/2017 - John Clarey

I have received further news of John Clarey after his accident in the Isle of Wight. He has apparently been moved from Intensive Care to General Neurology. This is a step in the right direction, but he will remain in hospital.

Tom McCall

30/10/2017 - Say Hullo, Wave Goodbye

Rob Muzio writes from Derby, "I would like to thank all of the helpers who went over and above to help with this weekends National LVRC Track Champs. Colin Parkinson, Simon Revall, Mark FardonBob Pinkerton, Judy Henson, Susan Twelves Paul Austin, Peter TurnerAlison Fovargue, Jo Lifford, Joel Roberto Muzio & Steve Lambert. 

"Also a big 'thank you' for all the magnificent riders; a total of 171 is a record number, BC event's included, I'm told. And so many great performances, especially the ladies - you were all no less than inspirational and in some cases delivering world class performances. 

"Also I'd would like to thank Martin Bush for helping with the great send off we gave Derrick Woodings, a truly inspirational rider over 6 decades: World European and National Champion. Perhaps the highlight for me this weekend seeing everyone coming together to honour such a Gentleman. You will be missed on the line Derrick."


27/10/2017 - Astounding: Track Champs 2017

I would just like to bring to the attention of everybody the success of this event, the LVRC 2018 Track Championships at Derby on 28/29 October, before they've even begun.

We have 171 entries across all age groups, with one “I” category rider (80-84 years of age). Fantastic in itself. T

Then there is the fact that World Record attempts will take place in between the various age-group races. Perhaps we've already broken a world record in fact; 35 entries from men aged 65 years or more. Impressive, even if not really a world record - would anyone care to check?

Plus, we have entries from 28 women. That is such good news and another amazing milestone. Spread the news. We want to encourage more.

So, the LVRC is alive and pedalling, providing a unique service to our members. We are a very successful, totally voluntary, and the envy of many.

My thanks to all involved in the organisation and support, superbly led by Rob Muzio. And thanks also to people like Mike Amery and Steve Davies, who had the vision may years ago to inaugurate these annual championships in Newport.    

Don Parry, Interim Chairman, LVRC

20/10/2017 - Derrick Woodings to retire

Derrick Woodings' last race will be at the LVRC Track Champs on 28th/29th October in Derby. Although he is now nearer 80 than 70 years of age, "you will be missed from the competitive peloton's Derrick!", writes Don Parry.

Don continues, "Derrick has been a huge supporter of the LVRC since its inception about 30 years ago. Prior that he was a top-class amateur and professional rider with a most impressive palmarès, competing and winning against the very best at the time. Lands End to John O'Groats sticks in my mind but there are innumerable other examples. I remember reading about him in 'Cycling and Mopeds' when I was on the school bus and was in awe of his achievements then - never mind now. It has been a great privilege to race against him regularly over the past 20+ years. On a personal level Derrick has always conducted himself in a quiet, unassuming professional manner - quick to give praise and encouragement to all - never seeking it for himself. A true legend in his own lifetime and an inspiration to so many. Ride on Derrick, ride on."

17/10/2017 - Masters Tour of Majorca

LVRC stalwart racer Craig Wilson has won the first stage of the Masters Vuelta Para Mallorca. The day prior, he became European Masters Road Race Cup Champion.

16/10/2017 - National Executive Committee - info for members

At the 2016 AGM it was agreed that LVRC would no longer hold formal Annual General Meetings due to the lack of attendance by the membership.

Instead we planned to diarise NEC meetings to which the membership could submit items for consideration.

Any such items should be submitted to John McMillan the General Secretary in the first instance. They would then be considered for discussion and potential action. is the email address to use. 

The first of these meetings since the 2016 AGM will be on 4th November at Milton Keynes, and the agenda is below.

In view of all the changes taking place in NEC personnel, key LVRC processes and supporting IT infrastructure we have a very full agenda. I cannot therefore promise that any items submitted will be discussed at this meeting. If any other items for consideration are submitted we will however commit to giving them due consideration and a response at some point between 4th November and 31st December 2017. 

-Don Parry, Interim Chairman-

LVRC National Executive Committee meeting 4th November Milton Keynes.

Outline Agenda.

  1. 1. Round the table introductions - All

2. Background to "where we are now" - DP
3. High level financial report / update - IB
4. Updates from individual leads on new web site, membership system, race calendar.
5. Race organisation and safety - MA
6. LVRC potential Anti-Doping strategy and way forward. Alistair Cameron
7. Agreed actions going forward

8. A.O.B  


16/10/2017 - World Masters Track Champs

News from the Worlds Masters track championships in America is that Team GB won Silver in 3k team pursuit for 65-74 year olds. Well done to Geoff Cooke, Bob Barber, Stephan Davies & Martin Bush.

14/10/2017 - C & D, and E+ RR Championships

The only offer received so far to promote the C & D or the E+ RR Champs next year is a provisional one to run the E+ Champs on the same course in Hampshire as this year. Although this was an excellent event, many riders from 'up north' complained that it was too far south. So if you want to ensure that next year's Champs is in the north or the midlands, please consider offering to organise it, or find someone else who might agree to run it!

Mike Amery

11/10/2017 - 2018 Championship Dates

Slightly later than in recent years, we are in the process of drawing up the calendar of LVRC championship dates for next year, so that organisers of other events can plan around them. The dates so far are:

TIME TRIAL  R7  Sun 22 April  Napton

HANDICAP RR  R6  Sun 27 May  Malvern

ROAD RACE A & B  R7  ? Sun 24 June  Tysoe

CRITERIUM  R7  Sat 8 Sept  Milton Keynes Bowl

TRACK  ? late Oct  Venue tbc

CYCLO-CROSS  ? 28 Dec  Venue tbc

This leaves the C&D RR Champs and the E+ RR Champs for which we are looking for volunteer promoters. If you, your club/team or your Region might be able to host one of these events, please contact either your Regional Events Co-ordinator, or Mike Amery , who is co-ordinating the championship dates for next year.

Dates of other major LVRC events in 2018:

TOUR OF THE ABBERLEYS  R6  Sat 5 - Mon 7 May  Stourport

OMPLOOP RR  R7  Sun 9 July  Flecknoe

BATTLE OF EDGE HILL RR (2 stages)  R7  ? Sun 17 June  Lower Kineton

11/10/2017 - Results & News reminder

Results of races (or indeed news of races or news of other LVRC activity) for publication on the LVRC website should be emailed to

05/10/2017 - John Clarey

News has reached me about an accident sustained by John Clarey - prolific South East London former pro and Tour de France finisher.

The incident occurred in the Isle of Wight - believed to be a collision with a car while he was riding his bike. 

He was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital where he is currently in an induced coma. Obviously, the situation looks very serious - more news will follow when available.

Tom McCall

27/09/2017 - TOACHIM VETS/PS+CYCLEWEAR SERIES - 2017 + Podium Photos


During the overall prize presentation of the Series after the Dulwich Paragon finale, Barry Jones took photos of all the Age Group podiums. If anyone would like a copy of their podium pic, please contact me.

Tom McCall Series Co-ordinator at

A - On left Phil Starr 3rd, centre winner Rowan Horner, on right Jason Ormston 2nd.
B - On left Gianluca Capello 3rd, centre winner Simon Collins, on right Vince Divine 2nd.
C - Centre winner Rich Edwards, on right Julian Bray 2nd.
D - Cenre winner Paul Caton, on right John Alderman 3rd.
E - Centre David Pollard 2nd, on right winner Martin Hulbert.
F - Centre Peter Constable 3rd, on right Philip Cooper 2nd.
G - Centre Peter Jones 3rd, on right Roger Jackaman 2nd.
H - Winner Tony Burnham

27/09/2017 - REGION 9 AGM REPORT


After the last race in the “Last of the Summer Wine” series at Hog Hill. on 17th September, some of the finest looking examples of the human race attended the Region 9 AGM. Those members who did not attend obviously deemed themselves of insufficient appearance. Out esteemed Secretary Fred Little reported on another full year of racing, with 37 events being run (2 more than 2016), which again is the largest number of all the Regions. 7 were on the road, and the remaining 30 were on closed circuits. Most popular of the circuits again was Hog Hill with 18 events, Dunton 7, Gravesend 2, and Lea valley Olympic Park 3. None, unfortunately this year at Foulmead or Hillingdon. Hire costs at Gravesend and Lea Valley are high, and the number of events will be limited in future. The three events at the Lea Valley circuit for example set the Region back £1,500. Another event worth a big mention is the inaugural Eddie Cook Memorial run at Hog Hill in conjunction with the Hoggenberg Classic. Eddie’s daughter Sarah presented an excellent and unique race trophy for the event to be competed for annually by the over-60’s. Could the undescribed trophy be a Zimmer with fitted tribars? Seriously, it is an eye-catching design consisting of cut chairings making the initials EC. Among the well supported events was the Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series co-ordinated by Tom McCall which had a total of 268 riders that gained points for first-10 Age Category finishes, with the C cats leading with 48 points scorers, and a single I-cat points-scorer - yes - the ever grey “Stormin” Norman Bright. Very encouraging were the number of Lady entries, with 5 gaining points. The sponsors have agreed to continue for one more year, but some new promoters will be needed for next year for the events that will be lost. Unfortunately, no Percy Stallard or National Championship events were held in the Region this year - again promoters are required. Knocker Shields, our camera and computer wielding Registrar, reported a Region 9 membership of 544 (down from 566 in 2016) with again C-cat’s leading with 139 members, but, surprisingly, no members in the J-M cats which cover ages 85-104. Our Treasurer Peter Wilson, fresh and suntanned from his annual cruise, reported a still-healthy surplus £5K, with an anticipated final figure of £5.5K when all racing dues are collected. Again, our thankfully ubiquitous Fred Little as Quartermaster reported that he was “shopped out” this year, and could not find any new toys to buy, but hinted that some new signs and race numbers may be required for next season. Under Any Other Business, the yearly cry went out for new, younger blood to step up for official positions and event organisers. This cry has been pleaded now for at least a decade, and is now becoming really serious, as a number of officials have stated that this will be their final year. Organisers are required for the 2018 Region Crit Champs, which will be the only promotion next year at the Olympic Velo Park, the Region Road Race Champs, together with a Percy Stallard event, as well as any new events. The Category A star-rated event of the year, the Region 9 lunch, will again be held at the Club House, Stapleford Tawney in February 2018. Full details, and the date, will be made public by e-mail - with Tatler, Queen, King, Hello and other publications in due course. That’s the news from Region 9 where the men are strong, the woman are beautiful, and the children cannot wait to become Veterans. 

Richard Wall.


If anyone has the results of the recent National Crit Champs, please send them to me and I will post them -

The only confirmed result I have is the I winner Norman Bright of Kingsnorth International.

Tom McCall.


There have been a few incidents this year in events within Region 9 where riders have turned up at events with incomplete Licences. “Incomplete” means either, some, or all, of the following:- No Photograph, No Signature, or No Emergency Contact details.

This problem has already been highlighted, but it is worth reinforcing the importance of this situation.

Region 9 Membership Licences will shortly be sent out to members with the following message:-




At the LVRC, we have a very simple process with a combined Membership and Licence. There is very little to do to complete it when received, and most of us adhere to this. However, for some reason, a few find this process too troublesome, and do not bother.

Organisers - if a Licence is presented at Signing-On with no signature or photograph, this could be anyone - be aware of this -  just turn them away - they will soon learn.



This is a copy of the fitting recollections given by Dave Gretton at the funeral on Monday. The attendance was large, including some cycling royalty, to pay due credit to a man who commited a large part of his life to the LVRC and to whom the LVRC owes a huge debt.

 Pete Ryalls

Like a lot of you here I got to know Pete Ryalls through cycling and I want to pay tribute to him and his work for the promotion of bike racing.  When someone has been around a long time and finally slips away it’s possible that their achievements can be forgotten or overlooked but Pete should be remembered as a man who helped make our cycling lives better and  gave us opportunities for racing that weren’t previously available.

Pete worked with the North Mids road Racing League and the LVRC from soon after it’s creation in the mid 1980’s. I’m reminded by the former chairman of the League of Veteran racing cyclists that it was on Pete’s insistence that they were set up as a Ltd company with a proper Constitution and accounting procedures. This foresight has proved invaluable over the years and was down to Pete and his determination to put the measures in place.

He was a man with a passion for cycling and in particular for Road Racing – he could be blunt and forthright and some saw him as a bit of a rebel because basically he was.  If you were as passionate about road racing as Pete that’s how you had to be.

Pete’s rebel instincts were a product of his upbringing in cycling

Before my involvement with the LVRC I didn’t know Pete personally but I knew who he was. He was a road racer and part of the British League of Racing cyclists who started promoting massed start racing on the open roads in the 1940’s against the wishes of the cycling establishment of the time. The aim was to make racing as popular here as it was on the continent , able to support  Pro’s and  eventually producing  a British winner of the Tour de France – as you know this has only happened in  recent years as cycling has now become part of the nation’s consciousness., But for Pete and his fellow forerunners - there were many setbacks on the way.

The Pro’s of the time were mainly part-time and often had to organise their own races or go without.  Pete had signed as Pro almost as soon as he left the junior ranks and took part in the first Pro/Am “Milk Race” in 1958 which he finished in 47thplace. At the end of 1959 the Milk Race organisation decided the Race would be all amateur in future thus kicking all the paid men in the teeth. Team sponsors immediately dropped out of the sport and road racing was set back 30 years at a stroke.

Pete and his colleagues set about making the best of a bad job as there were still Pro/Am races to ride.  In the Monster Classic from London to Holyhead, a race of 270 miles Pete was 2nd in 1961 and earned his starting place in the Tour de France – although it was clear that without adequate preparation our team was not ready for the rigours of that race.

The part time pro’s still had some good races each year until in 1966 the BCF decided Pro’s and amateur were to be separated and the Pro’s were deprived of the classic races.

The “Pro’s” in name only had to set up their own body to organise races again and the backward step was complete. I think at this point Pete realised that it was necessary to commit himself to his working career and family life.

But, of course, once a cyclist, always a cyclist.  If there’s a racing bike in the shed or garage it has to come out again sooner or later and so it was with Pete. The competitive urge was still there and a championship for over 40’s was on the calendar. Lots of over 40’s wanted to take up racing again but were told quite bluntly by the BCF that their time would be better spent coaching youngsters (which they did anyway of course) so here it was again – the fight for what they wanted.

The “rebels” (the same ones as before and including Pete) set up a framework where over 40’s could be given a new lease of life and category at 5 year intervals. The BCF had no mechanism for such a system and anyway these boys had already been snubbed, so they got on with creating their own association with the zeal and drive they had shown previously. Pete was in soon after the formation of this new League and served as our Region chairman representing us at National meetings up to 18 months ago.

As you know at that time he was suffering more and more from the effects of his illness but he was determined to keep riding and racing. I saw Pete in the 2015 National Road Race champs. There were only about 10 of us old boys on the start line. It was suggested that a lap was cut off the race -  an idea rejected by Pete of course – so we were committed to 60 miles on a tough windy day!

After he had finished I asked how he was and congratulated him on making it through – he wasn’t happy so I dared to ask what was wrong “that’s the first time since I’ve been racing that I couldn’t keep up with my peer group” he said. I tried to console him with the news that most of us had got used to that problem a long time ago. Later that year though he was performing a lot better and finished in the group in the Criterium championship at Litchfield. Before the race he had given me an earful and told me that I had to beat that so and so sprinter who kept bragging on face book how good he was – I won’t mention the sprinter or what Pete really called him - but unfortunately he proved too fast for me at the end even though we had tried to box him in on the last corner.  No telling off for me this time but the look in Pete’s eye suggested that we should have done better. He knew he was ill but he was indulging his passion right up to the end – the fire was still there as it ever was and always had been – so that’s how I’ll remember him – our cycling lives have been made the richer because of this man and the fire burned bright right until the end.

29/08/2017 - National Track Champs at Derby - Entries Required

From Rob Muzio:
We are still looking for entries for the Track Champs 28-29th October at Derby.
If you wish to piut yourself against the best and experience this excellent facility, then please sort out your entry asap via Rider HQ.
Below is the link to Rider HQ

26/08/2017 - Vale Pete Ryalls

Peter Ryalls passed away after a long fight with cancer.

Funeral arrangements are 1310 pm Sept 4th Chesterfield Crematorium

Link to further info on FB is here -

Sincerest condolences to family and friends of Pete, who was an LVRC stalwart and someone who helped countless other riders over the years.



Some of the points of leading contenders are very close, with only one more round to go, so it is important to set out what happens if there is a tie among the first three overall finishers in an Age Group.

If there is a tie on points between riders who finish joint 1st overall, the winner will be the rider with most wins, or best placings on countback.

If there is a tie on points between riders who finish either joint 2nd or 3rd, equal prize money will be given. 

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at

10/08/2017 - email address not working

Hi Everyone

There is a temporary fault with the "" email address - whilst this is being fixed could you use:  



LVRC National Registrar



We only have two more rounds of the Series to come this year, and the overall prize presentation will take place after the Dulwich Paragon event on 3rd September.

The race HQ is the Bletchingley Village Hall, High Street, Bletchingley, Surrey RH1 4PA. Racing starts at 0930. The overall awards will be handed out after the race prizes at around 1230-1300. 

The winners of each Age Group overall will receive a Champion's Jersey, a Trophy, and a Cash prize. 2nd and 3rd overall in each Age Group will also receive a Cash prize.

Riders must have completed a minimum of five counting rounds to qualify for an overall award. This will affect Groups H and I.

Anyone who looks like they have already won their Group, or anyone who potentially could end up in the first three overall, please make every effort to be there. After the support that the sponsors have given us, I really don't want to see any podium non-appearances unless totally unavoidable.

I look forward to seeing you all at the forthcoming In Gear event, and at the finale.


Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at

27/07/2017 - Pro Lite to sponsor our Track League

Rob Muzio, organiser of the LVRC Track League at Derby Velodrome, has announed that Pro Lite, one of the biggest manufacturers of carbon wheels (both own-branded and white labelled worldwide) is to sponsor to our little track league.

Pro Lite wants to be part of the League's growing success, and are keen to supply some of the strongest and perhaps quickest wheels on the market, to the LVRC membership. 

Rob is meeting with their CEO very soon, so if you are thinking of purchasing wheels, bars stems etcetera, then please tell Rob and he'll supply prices. Wheels will be in stock from next week; disks and 5-spoke wheels ready to try before you buy, and of course fitted with our tyre sponsor Vittoria's Pista Graphene tyres. Some wheels will be available to test at the next Madison event, on August 5th.

As for frames, the Track League will still be supporting Dream Bicycles, and again if you are thinking about replacing or just going for a new one please let him know. Use

24/07/2017 - Research Project - Volunteers Wanted

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is James Mckendry, I am currently a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.

I am undertaking a research project investigating the effect that lifelong exercise has on muscle mass and function to determine the extent to which it is preserved when compared with individuals of the same age that have led a much more sedentary lifestyle.

I am hoping to recruit individuals from four different populations, Masters athetes (both Power and endurance, specifically over the age of 60), young healthy individuals and older habitually active individuals not partaking in any structured exercise training. 


The study requires a very small time commitment involving 2 visits to the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham for the testing of aerobic capacity, muscular strength, body composition, resting metabolic rate, muscle architecture and muscle fibre type.

Individuals will be reimbursed for travel costs that are incurred as a result of taking part in the study, and if accommodation is necessary this can be organised.

If you, or anyone, has any questions about the study please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

James Mckendry

James Mckendry M.Res., B.Sc. (Hons), CSCS. 

Exercise as Medicine Doctoral Researcher 

School of Sport, Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences,

University of Birmingham



B15 2TT


Twitter: @James_mckendry

22/07/2017 - In-Gear Toachim Vets RR 13th August - entries required

Entries required. Use it or lose it, as the organiser has put in a lot of effort to use timing chips, present excellent prize money and use a great HQ. Online entry makes it easy. For everyone unable to get an entry to a decent race - now is your chance.

19/07/2017 - Race tomorrow; Rockingham (Corby)

Thursday 20th July at Rockingham Speedway NN17 5AF 

About an hour of racing, from 7pm. EOL at £12, or enter via RiderHQ by June 29th for £10. Lap distance is about two miles.

Great prizes, including; two nights at a training camp in Majorca donated by Stuart Hall Cycling, bike accessories donated by Richardsons Cycles of Corby, a bike travel case donated by Ultimate Hardware, organic vegetables donated by Produce World, and race winners jersey's donated by DHW Agencies. 

Organiser is David Broadbent,

18/07/2017 - Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series 2017


Most of you will by now be aware that I put out collections boxes for Leukaemia Research at each round of the Series.

This is the preferred Charity of one of our sponsors, and I gave an undertaking that we should be able to collect a fair amount during the Series.

They are at each round at the Signing-On, and at the Catering Counter, and you can't miss them - they are red and white.

They are filling up gradually, but there could be so much more. Please don't ignore them - just put something in and help a worthy cause.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator

12/07/2017 - Promoters needed for 2018 Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series


We are only just over half way through the current season, but we need to have one eye on next year. The sponsors have agreed to continue supporting the Series during 2018, which is great news, but we need to be aware of a potential problem.

The Dave Griffiths Memorial races will no longer be promoted. The original plan was to honour Dave's name for a period of 10 years up to this year.

The Derek Witt Memorial races in Hampshire were part of the Series last year. Promoter Tim Crumpton decided to promote the National E+ Championships this year, but still integrated the Derk Witt Memorial in the relevant race.

However, he will not be able to promote next year, so this means that these two events need to be replaced for next year. 

Tim Crumpton, the Region 10 Events Co-ordinator would be available to help any promoter who wanted to put a race on in his area. He has an excellent course available - anyone who rode the Nationals will agree, and he has Police support following the successful National Championships.

Potential promoters in Region 9 will need to liaise with Fred Little to check dates - and myself, if you wish your event to be part of the Series.

Gentlemen - the message is clear. The Series is very successful - many of you enjoy great racing from the work of those who put on races for you, but we need some new promoters to come forward. How about some of you guys who don't promote, pooling your resources to put a race on - there is plenty of Regional help available with Race Aids etc. Without races, we will not have a Series - think about it - even at this stage - next season is not far away.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator on

11/07/2017 - Track Racing at Derby

Rider HQ is open for Madison and Keirin races on 22nd July and 5th August. No accreditation required but Madison experience is essential! Rob Muzio seeks 3 or 4 riders, whether partnered up or not.

There will be a National Madison race on 26th August.

Note also that the LVRC track champs are now open for 28th & 29th October on Rider HQ

All at Derby velodrome

03/07/2017 - Veterans Stage Race, Hartberg, Austria. August 2017

I would like the LVRC members to know that there is a 8 stage race for vets in 5 year age bands in August in Hartberg, Austria. A yellow jersey is presented to the winner each day with prizes and money. If riders prefer they can opt for individual races and not go for the overall. The races are based around the Hartberg area and include a crit, time trial, hill climb,prologue and 4 road races. We have been supporting this event for the last 3 years and have been consistently overwhelmed by the work put in by the organisers to create this tour for veteran  riders and secondly how safe the races are run. Police and marshalling is outstanding. 
To all the vets who wonder if there are more old fashioned road races to ride anymore here is your answer.
If you stay on the German translation it gives you the races in detail, otherwise click on the Union Jack for English

03/07/2017 - Bob Richards reports from Newport track

At the BC Masters National Track Championships last weekend, I was pleased to repeat my 2016 success, taking Gold in the 2000m Individual Pursuit
(age 75 and over category).

As a 'roadie' of many years, taking up track racing 18 months ago, I faced a big learning curve. My success has been due in no small part to the generous support, encouragement and sharing of experience at Derby Velodrome from riders and coaching staff alike. In particular, Graham Truelove and Coach, 
Mick Davies.

At each of the Championships, Dave Woods and his Wife Pauline have been real gems helping to look after me. My wife Lynne, a non-cyclist, has been fantastic, travelling with me to every training session and event - she is my no.1 supporter. Thank you all.

23/06/2017 - ICF World Champs August

To help make life a little easier Craig Stevens is co-ordinating LVRC entries for this event.
Message from Craig Stevens of LVRC and TLI>
I was actually contacted by the organiser via my role as International Racing Secretary of TLI and have offered to co-ordinate TLI entries.
As a active LVRC member I am also willing to do the same for LVRC entries. (I can collate these separately so as not to mix the two) I would suggest using the following email account for LVRC entries to keep things separate -
I would propose to have riders send me an entry form and a UK chequer for £14, i would then send the details to the organiser under one euro transfer.
Here are the details / suggested email or webpage details

 ICF World Championship Road Race

 Riders wishing to participate in the ICF World Championships - Auxonne France 5-6th August 2017.

Please complete the attached entry form and send a cheque for £14.00 made payable to Craig Stevens and he will pay the event organiser with one foreign transaction which will save you time and effort)

 I would like to have all entries by 15th July 2017, officially entries close on 22nd July

 For details see ICF Cycling website



23/06/2017 - Ciclos Uno Summer Series Points Results after 4 events

Points Results after 4 events


Cat A





Marco Coppola

Windy Milla



Lee Messenger

Abellio S.F.A RT



Paul Roberts

Lea Valler RC



Phil Hersey

Eagle RC



Jake Siney

CC London



Tim Savage

Maldon & District CC



Ben Spiers

Woolwich CC



Cat B





Antony Wallis

Ciclos Uno



Paul Spiceley

Glendene CC



Andy Yeoman

Met Police CC



Jason Fitchew

Ford CC



Ian Watson

CC London



Steve Coxhall

CASP Race Team



Cat C





Sean Kilroy

Cambridge CC



Toks Adesanyo

Addiscombe CC



Nick Rossman

Finchley CC



Martin Meades

Ciclos Uno



Julian Boulter

Eagle RC



Peter Arden

Momentum Cycles



Brian Tattam




Andy Bathe

Newmarket CC & TC



Cat D





Carlito Rendora

Eagle RC



Craig Stevens

Ciclos Uno



Tony Meader

Eagle RC



Dave Crowe

Colourtech RT



Colin Smith

Colourtech RT



Martin Elms

JLT Condor



Julian Niles-Cunnington

JLT Condor



Angelo Christides






Points Results after 4 events


Cat E





Patrick Schils

Velo Schils



Phil Bull

Colourtech RT



Mick Lee

Colourtech RT



Keith Gross

Glendene CC



Tony Wilkins

Wolsey RC



Steve Barnsley

GS Vecchi



Cat F





Ralph Keeler

St Ives CC



Peter Constable

Basildon CC



Richard Fraczek

Essex Roads CC



Dave Williams

Kingsnorth International



Cat G





Peter Jones

Hillingdon CC



Geoff Wiles

Abellio S.F.A RT



Cat H





Dave Keen

Bishops Stortford CC



Tony Woodcock

Momentum Cycles



Ralph Maudlin

Ciclos Uno





21/06/2017 - VWF Cycling World Champs in Temse, Belgium, 30th July

From the organisers of the World Championship VWF Cycling 2017 in Temse on 30th July
The VWF Cycling World Championships 2017 is an open competition, meaning that everyone (VWF license holders, license holders from other organisations and day licenses) can compete in their age category (according to VWF regulations) for the rainbow jersey.
See below for details and how to enter
Registration: for VWF licenseholders: 8€ - for all others: 12€ (daylicenses including) for pre-registration - 15€ registration on the day of the race
Pre registration is possible until 24th of july by means of a completely filled in daylicenseform that you can download from our website, ,(“ aanvraag vergunningen” - “dagvergunning”)then u get a reserved number.
Payment happens on the day of the race itself.
Pre registration is also possible by e-mail;
Raceformalities: café Breughel, Cauwerburg 184, Temse. Belgium
Prizes: ceremony on stage for the first three of every catergory with medals, flowers, trofee, … and of course the jersey for the Champion.
Total of 2000€ prize money devided over the 6 categories.
Program: Catagory Time of start Laps Distance Prizes F born 1954 - ... 11u31 8 60km 25 E born 1955-1959 11u30 8 60km 25 D born 1960-1964 13u31 9 67,5km 25 C born 1965-1971 13u30 9 67,5km 30 B born 1972-1979 15u31 11 82,5km 30 A born 1980-2000 15u30 11 82,5km 35

19/06/2017 - A, B National Criterium Champs 22 JULY

These champonships are being run on 22nd July at Milton Keynes Bowl in the morning at 0930 and 1130 respectively. Currently there are only 17 entrants for the A race and 25 for the B race. MK Bowl is a very good racing circuit. This note is to encourage all A and B riders to support these races and get their entries in urgently now. Entries are available on Riderhq and Chris Gunter the organiser can be contacted by email at or by phone 079731555594. Your support will be appreciated. 

19/06/2017 - Entries Required - Saturday 8th July, Wakefield CC Circuit races.

Saturday 8th July, Wakefield CC Circuit races.

Riders needed to make proper races for those already entered.

ABCD race at 10 am and EFGH race at 12.30pm

This race is on a new 1.1 kilometre circuit at the rear of the Thomas a Becket school, Barnsley Road, Wakefield, 3 miles from junction 39 of the M1. Plenty of on site parking.

The event is on RiderHQ plus postal and on the day.

This circuit is fast and safe, with a small rise every lap.

Enter on Rider HQ - HERE

19/06/2017 - MK Bowl extra dates

Please note although not listed in the Handbook there will be Tuesday night MK Bowl racing on the 27th June, 4th and 11th July. This note is on FB as well  but please spread the word around. 

Trudie Bird / Don Parry R7

15/06/2017 - TMG Horizon / Verulam Really Moving race at Hog Hill


Just for clarity the EFGH+ race will start 9.15am, CD at 10.30am and AB at 11.45am with all races being 1 hour approx.

Rider HQ entries have closed but EOL is available on the day at £15, come early with completed forms unless you have a red dot on your licence.

Presently looks like some easy TOACHMIN VETS PS+ CYCLEWEAR points available as entries are low.


13/06/2017 - Positive feedback for Ken Corbett and riders at Darley Moor

Positive feedback below from a new racing member. Looking out for each other and doing the right thing on the road is what we are about; promoting safe riding and racing, and definitely NOT a 'win at all costs' mentality.

Well done to Kenneth Corbett the organiser and the riders at his Darley event who clearly made a positive impact.

Thank you, more of this please! :-)

"I raced over at Darley Moor and although I was nervous I am so happy that I did. The organiser was amazing (Ken Corbett). The other racers took time to explain the routines to me. I had an amazing race so many thanks. I'm looking now at which race to enter next month. Thanks again XXXXX"

12/06/2017 - Manchester Bicycle Club, Element CT and Wills Wheels CC

Please note that we will be accepting postal entries for the Manchester Bicycle Club, Element CT and Wills Wheels CC event at Darley Moor on 23rd July.

12/06/2017 - Hoggenberg Classic Report and Photos

A pleasant day for the Eddie Cook Memorial Trophy and the Hoggenberg Classic races promoted by Ciclos Uno, but with a keen wind blowing across the course. With several changes of direction on each lap, the conditions favoured the strong and the brave. Although the greater part of each race was run on the lower circuit, things were spiced up with periodic trips up the hill. where the finish was located. The A/B/C/D race had one extra climb, as both of the final two laps went up the hill.

A new trophy was awarded to the winner of the E/F/G race. This was in memory of co-founder of the LVRC, Eddie Cook, and it was presented to race winner Geoff Wiles on the day by his daughter Sarah. The trophy was made up of two part chainwheels which formed the letters E and C - a fitting memorial for Eddie.

The winner of the A/B/C/D race Antony Wallis was presented with the traditional Hoggenberg trophy - an imitation Paris-Roubaix style cobblestone mounted on a plinth, donated by Trevor Maddern of Ciclos Uno.

The Eddie Cook Memorial Trophy - E/F/G

The race split early, and the first six riders moved away swiftly in the swirling winds. Keith Gross was detached a few laps before the finish, but stuck to his task to stay clear. The other five leaders contested the finish, with Geoff Wiles proving strongest in front of Patrick Schils.

More Photos can be found in the Gallery tagged 'Hoggenberg Trophy 2017'

Geoff Wiles winning The Eddie Cook Memorial Trophy Race

Anthony Wallis being presented with the Hoggenberg Trophy

 Geoff Wiles being presented with the Eddie Cook Memorial Trophy by Sarah

The Stunning Eddie Cook Memorial Trophy

Fred presenting the prize to 1st woman - Stephanie Wheatley

11/06/2017 - Entries required for the Condor Buckstone Flanders RR Sunday July 2nd

Condor Buckstone Flanders RR Sunday July 2nd 

We need more entries particularly race 3 EFGH event.

To assist everyone I've changed closing date on Rider HQ to June 21st.

Please support the event i look forward to more entries.


John Ginley

11/06/2017 - Race cancelled - Mid Summer RR on the 24th June

A note from John Gadie

It is with great regret that I am having to cancel my LVRC Mid Summer RR on the 24th June which I have ran for many years. Normally I have fields with 70/80 riders and one year over 90 riders.
But this year I have only received 25 entries and therefore not financially viable for Barton Wheelers to run the event.
Can you please place a post on the website stating that the event has been cancelled.
Everyone who entered has been informed via email or telephone that the event has been cancelled.
Kind Regards

John Gadie

09/06/2017 - Worcester St Johns' crits on the 24th June risk of cancellation

Worcester St Johns' crits on the 24th June are at risk of cancellation due to a lack of entries so far.

Online entry link is on Rider HQ -

Can we please commit to entering and save this one as well.

Vince Page is the organiser.

Thanks all.


06/06/2017 - Mick Ives - Giro Charity Ride -

Mick Ives who will be 78 years old in 3 months time and who has been riding competitively non stop for 60years  has just completed a solo ride of the 100th edition of the Giro d’ Italia. 

Mick has worked hard for the LVRC and its riders for over 20 years introducing among other contributions the “Percy Stallard National Road Race series”  and he ran the series for the initial 15 years, the National Cyclocross championships 7 times in the past 8 years, several National Road Race championships and the LVRC biggest, toughest, richest road race “The Battle of Edge Hill” for the last 4 years and over the years helped many LVRC riders.

Now is the chance for them to help Mick by making a donation to the charities chosen for his “Giro” ride!

See the details of how to make your contribution on the website


On Sunday 18th June at 4 pm the Roses cinema in Tewkesbury is screening "Something to aim at", which is a film tribute to Tom Simpson; not only is this being shown just 2 weeks before the 2017 Tour de France starts, but this year marks the 50th year after Tom Simpson tragically died in the TdeF in 2017. The film is a moving tribute to Tom and covers a few of his victories (Tour of Flanders 1961, Milan San Remo 1964 & Bordeaux-Paris 1963). The film traces his life from humble beginnings in a small mining village in Durham to becoming World Champion in 1965.The film has been compiled by Ray Pascoe who is an independent documentary film maker who specialises in cycle racing films.

The running time for the Tom Simpson Film is about 80 minutes & to make the event worthwhile after a short break Ray is screening a ½ film "Notebook from the Tour de France" which he made in 2013 and it includes rarely seen footage behind the scenes at the Tour and features Mark Cavendish & Team Sky. Following this Ray will take questions from the audience.

The Roses is a busy and popular arts centre in Tewkesbury which has an eclectic programme of films, live events and exhibitions. In addition to its 300 seat capacity is a great coffee shop in the foyer and a bar + there is loads of convenient parking close at hand.

Tickets at £5 are on sale now & its easy to book by phoning the cinema (01684 295074) or going on line.


04/06/2017 - Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo (Race)

Don Parry makes it three years in a row on the top step of the podium at the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo (Race).

02/06/2017 - Wanted: more entries for the KEIRIN

Rob Muzio asks for more entries to the KEIRIN on Saturday 10th June 7-9pm

If there are no more entries before Monday 5th I'm going to have to cancel the event! Male and female entries please! 


Important news about the parking at Lee Valley Velo Park from Fred Little - With the forthcoming LVRC events at the Lee Valley Velopark (first event 4thJune) all competitors and persons directly involved should be aware of the procedure to obtain free parking for four hours.

Motorist directly involved with the Velo Park are entitled to 4 hours free parking from entering the car park.

To obtain this free parking period each motorist  must enter their vehicle registration number into one of the venue's terminals, located by the road circuit main entrance external lockers or the internal corridor outside the changing rooms at any time during their visit.

To avoid getting a penalty charge riders must enter their vehicle registration number.

If a PCN ticket is issued as a motorist has forgotten to or entered in their details incorrectly there is nothing the venue can do.

Please ensure your motorists are aware of this change. If riders want to stay longer than four hours the parking charges and conditions will apply.

Please see notices within the car park.

24/05/2017 - O65 series on 13th June & 8th August at Milton Keynes Bowl

Trudie advises me that you will not need a chip to ride the Over 65's events. 

She will either judge the old fashioned way with pens and paper or if they have enough they will lend you one FOC.


So no excuses, please support the O65 events lets have a great turnout.

19/05/2017 - Darley Moor Races 3rd June - online entry now available

Darley Moor Race - SATURDAY 3rd JUNE – REGION 4

10.00hrs ABCD 1hr + 5 laps,
12.30hrs EFGHI 1hr + 5 laps. 

Ken Corbett, 24 Cornwall Close, Monk Bretton, Barnsley. S712ND, Tel: 07912 538931, Email:

Entry Methods: (paper) A - £12, (online) B - £15 & (EOL) C - £15, but ONLINE and paper entry preferred. Entries open until 5 days before the race date.

Link to Rider HQ online entry:


Message from organiser Ken Corbett

I have organised an event at Darley Moor, on Saturday, 3rd June, which is 2 weeks away.

I have 11 entries.

I am prepared to wait until mid-day Friday 26th May, for further entries, but unless there is a dramatic improvement, I shall cancel the event at 4pm that day.

 Also I have organised an event at Wakefield Thomas a Becket circuit on Saturday 8th July.

 I shall examine the entries received 2 weeks before that event on Saturday 24th June, and again if insufficient entries received, shall cancel the event.

 I am very sorry to have to make these decisions, and I accept that a lot of riders like to see what sort of day it is going to be, before making a decision to ride.   However, the circuits have to be booked, and help arranged, and I have 140 mile round trip to Darley Moor.  

Also it is very unfair to continue with a race when there is plainly insufficient riders for a cafe ride.   Continuing in the hope of entries on the day is not an option.

 I have organised a race at Wakefield circuit this Saturday.  I have 8 entries for the ABCD race, with no A riders.


There are 14 entries for the EFGH race.   A post about this has been put on Facebook, and I have the promise of entries on the day, but that is all they are. That race is going ahead.

12/05/2017 - 11th June Team MK RR update

Dear Competitors

I would like to inform all entrants to the LVRC Team MK Road Races,that due to recommendations from the Bucks Council we have decided to change the course.

The new circuit is known as the Foxley Circuit and is 12 kms in length.

Race HQ will now be at the Towcestrian Rugby Club on the Towcester Road near Greens Norton.   NN12 8AW.

Due to field size restrictions the ABC race and the FGH over 65 competion road race will be held in the morning, starting 09.00

The DE race will start at 13.30.

I am really sorry for the change and realise this may inconvenience some riders. Please email me if this is the case and I will refund.

Yours Jeff Hathaway

11/05/2017 - OVER 65 YEARS POINTS SERIES (after 3 events)

Next Event  11th June TMK RR

Any queries then contact me, Barry Jones, at



1.Dave Hughes, Beacon RCC, 17pts

2.Joe Rowe,LVRC, 9 Pts

3.Jeff Hathaway,Milton Keynes,7pts

4.Rob Matheson, Better Cycling,7pts

5. Phil Cooper,LVRC, 5Pts

6. Malcolm Fraser, Team Lusso, 4Pts

7. Ken Bradbury, LVRC, 4 Pts

8. Martin Hackley, Team Jewson-MI Racing, 3Pts

9. Nick Selibas, Karbona UK, 3Pts,

10. Alistair Cameron, Chevincycles, 2Pts

11. John Crooks, LVRC,  1Pt

12. Phil Bratton, VC Ventoux, 1Pt



1. John Ginley, Condor Road Club, 15Pts

2. Brian Sunter, Condor CC, 12Pts

3. Bill Cotton, Belper BC, 9 Pts

4. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, 8Pts,

5. Richard Booth, Hartlepool CC, 6Pts

6. Mick Allen, MI Racing, 5Pts

7. Gordon Walters, Bush Healthcare, 1Pt



1. Tony Woodcock , Momentum Cycles  6Pts

2. Derek Woodings, MI Racing, 5Pts

3. B Richards, Solihull, 4Pts



Abberleys 40+ overall winner Craig Battersby has written a personal report on this year's race which you can see at

04/05/2017 - WheelGuru Darley Moor Races 13th May

Michael Clark is organising the Darley Moor Races on the 13th May. We're at risk of these being cancelled if more entries are not forthcoming. Entry is via the paper form currently, but we are working on trying to get it on RiderHQ for online entry to happen.

Michael will also require helpers on the day, so if anyone is bringing a friend/wife/boyfriend., please pledge some support or the racing will not go ahead.

Please enter before 7pm this Sunday, 7th May. Thanks.


TEAM WHEELGURU CIRCUIT RACES Darley Moor Race Circuit located on A515 2miles south of Ashbourne. 10.30hrs EFGHI 1hr + 5 laps, 13.15hrs ABCD 1hr 15mins + 5 laps. Full prize list for all age cats. Michael Clark, 1 Quarry Clough, Stalybridge SK152RJ, Tel: 07876898895. Email: Entry Method: B £12 & C £15


As you may know this year we are piloting chip timing for the above series. This is a very exciting time and we are looking forward to it.

To ride the Tuesday events you will need to purchase/hire a chip for your bike, details below:-

Hire:- for those riders who only ride between 3-5 events of this series we have made a provision to hire a chip for the evening for you. This will be on a first come first served basis as we only have 10 chips and will cost £10 per event to hire. For your reference, signing on will open at 6pm and close at 6.40pm, the race starts at 7pm.

Purchase :- A chip costs £35 and works out to approx £2.40 per event. We also have new coloured numbers and armbands so that each category A-G has it's own colour, this will assist riders in the bunch to spot the other riders in their own category. This year there will be a £5 refundable deposit on numbers/armbands.
All chips need to be registered against your email details IN ADVANCE of the races so to clarify.... you cannot purchase a chip and race on the same night as we cannot physically process this easily at signing on.
To facilitate with this system, I am prepared to register your chip for you in advance and bring it to the first event on the 2nd May for collection. You can then just fit it and ride.
To do this you will need to transfer by BACS the £35 (or £40 if you want to pay your number deposit too) to account 22810421, sort code 23-05-80, please ensure that your reference for this BACS transfer is your full name. Once you have done this please let me know by email at with your name, age cat, LVRC region and club and upon receipt of your payment I will register your chip for you.
Please also note that this year signing on will close 20 minutes prior to the race start time.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. I feel this is the most efficient way of managing this system but ask for your support during the learning curve.

Best wishes
Trudie Bird

25/04/2017 - Region 9 News from Richard Wall

Region 9 News

30 members and friends sat down to the 15th Region 9 Lunch at the Clubhouse, Stapleford Tawney Airfield, Essex. This was a scene of circuit racing way back in the 50s (blimey that's at least 65 years ago now). Numbers were down on previous years mainly due to anno domini, illness of members or members partners. However it was great to see Chas Wilde, Fred Jefcoate, Jeanette Degiorgio and Dave Whybrow in attendance. I think I am right in saying that these are the only remaining members of the original over 60s group formed by Terry Law that raced at North Weald and the long lamented Eastway. Many of that original group now officiate at the events with Fred Little, Trevor Madden, Knocker Shields and Mike Brushette leading the way. Apologies to those I've missed naming as still racing and helping but the happy old gang decreases yearly again mainly due to anno domini.

The assembly was again graced by King Alfred Engers, Emperor John Harvey and Count (I said Count) Norman Bright who all enjoyed or seem to enjoy the 4 fine courses offered up by Jan the club manager. For those that stayed on entertainment this year was provided by the excellent Essex Girls Pole Dancing Team hot from their national title win the previous week in Blackpool. Their services were provided and a cut rate simply on the grounds of one of the team (the tall blond one) being the daughter of a R9 member from Romford so that the Region’s funds were barely dented - if at all. In the absence of any poles the girls delighted those that had stayed by using the tall erect figure of 'Del Boy' Stacey whom I’m sure will never be the same again – which may not be such a bad thing. Other news concerns the end of the promotions from that West London stalwart Bill Butterworth.

The Hillingdon circuit will no longer sing to his Wednesday night events which he has organised for the last14 years albeit under various organisations. Others have stepped in to carry on the promotions so giving the 70-year-old Bill (is that true?)  a chance to ride himself. He will still help promote and ride the Dave Griffiths Memorial Road Race in honour of his old Twickenham mate. It’s a pity the other member of that very formidable Twickenham trio, Mick McManus, does not join Bill in the event but again like many others he has appears to have fallen by the wayside or is it the roadside although Bill tells me he always marshals. With the completion of The Lunch the season can now get underway in earnest and it kicked off with the San Fairy Ann’s two weekends series at the Gravesend Velo Park.

The first of which had some 50 riders signing on and stretching their legs - which all bodes well for the next event and for the Region's season as a whole. We are now yearly losing a road race but the circuit racing scene is more than holding up with the events at Hog Hill, Dunton, the Olympic Lea Valley Circuit, Gravesend Velo Park and Foulmead - check your handbook and the website for full details. That’s the news from Region 9 where all the women are beautiful all the men are strong and all the children want to be veterans.

Richard Wall       Spring 2017


I am the organiser of the Tommy Godwin RR on 4 June, which is a Stallard event. I have obtained police permission to run the 3 races with the following limits on rider numbers: AB 40, CD 40, E+ 30. I have taken entries from 27, 31 and 24 riders on RiderHQ, with up to a further 40 riders as reserves in each race. I have discussed the selection policy with the organisers of the Stallard series and I will apply the following selection criteria: preference will be given to (in order): riders who have gained any points in the series so far, organisers of LVRC or TLI events, club members supporting LVRC or TLI events, other riders.

Ian Cowan


2017 National Criterium Championships.

A B C Categories – UPDATE

As you are probably aware Nick Selibas the organiser of the 2017 Criterium Championships is having a problem with circuit availability on Saturday 2nd September in that it is no longer available.

Therefore, the C category race will be moved to Sunday 3rd September and run along with D E F G H at the same venue.

The races for A and B categories will be run at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Huge thanks to Chris Gunter and other members of Region 7 for stepping up to organise these races.

They will be run on Saturday July 22nd .

Start time will be 0930 for A Category. 11.30 for B category. Each race will be one hour in length.

Chris has managed to get all the officials covered but will need help marshalling on the day and we need 10 per race. We are working on the basis that B’s will be available to marshal the A’s and A’s will stay and be available for the B’s. There will be at least one hour between races to allow changing and warm up. We already have a number of helpers from CC Luton and Team MK who will help - thank you to them.

Entry will be via RiderHQ only and this will be up as soon as possible along with further details.

Chris will put a note out about marshals nearer the event date.


Chris Gunter / Don Parry.     



Gentlemen, please be aware that there is a round of the Series at Crowhurst in Surrey on 21st May. The morning events that incorporate the Region 9 Championships for A,B.C, and D are full, but the entry for the afternoon E/F/G/H/I event is disappointingly low.

Come on you older guys, I know you are usually used to racing in the morning, and getting home for your other leisure pursuits, but please support the Series.

The circuit is gently undulating and fully rideable, and should suit everyone. It also has nearby Motorway access. 

Additionally, you could come out and help with the morning races, and, if you do, you will be given a partial refund. Let promoter Colin Smith know if you can.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator on



NATIONAL CRITERIUM CHAMPS 2017. September 2nd and 3rd.

Organiser Nick Selibas has been let down on the circuit availability for these Championship races and it is no longer available for the Saturday.

It is impossible to run separate races for all age groups in one day on the Sunday.

We are therefore asking if there is somebody / some group of people / clubs who could step forward and help by running some of these age group championships for some of the age groups.

The ideal solution would be, for example, if the A, B, and or C races could be held somewhere else. It could be on a different date.

If anybody can step forward and help in this way the whole of the LVRC will be most grateful.

Please contact me on my email with any ideas or offers (donparry underscore1…………)


06/04/2017 - Safety during Racing - reminder

Dear members,
A cycling member of the general public has reported an incident to us that happened during a race recently.
There were a few leisure riders riding in the opposite direction to the flow of the race, and as a car passed and the road became clear, the peloton expanded across the white line and entire width of the road.
This forced the leisure riders, riding in the opposite direction, to take evasive action and ride in the gutter, as they thought a head on collision was imminent.
No numbers, names, kits, clubs, people or races will be identified, as that is unnecessary.
We wish to reiterate the point about promoting safe riding and racing. We all would like to be able to go home in one piece after a race. Organisers do not need the additional paperwork that is required when an incident occurs.
We are a mature and experienced racing community. We rely on policing ourselves within races, and for those who spot poor practice or errors to point it out, have a quiet word and advise on what to do instead. We NEED this to promote safety and education, as very few people get it by osmosis.
We know organisers give comprehensive pre-race briefs, and there is always emphasis on safety, not crossing the centre line when it is not appropriate, not taking chances, and not endangering our fellow hobbyists.
This is a gentle call for all as a refresher and a reminder to be safe. Please take no chances. Please self police. Please have words if you see something that is wrong.
Thank you in advance.
Your Chairman - Gary Kristensen MBE



The first round of this years Series promoted by GS Vecchi will take place near Basingstoke this coming Sunday (9th April).

I look forward to meeting you all once more at the event.

However, there is one thing I want to draw to everyone's attention. I shall once more be putting out the collection boxes for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in the Race HQ. This is the preferred charity of one of our sponsors Andrew Wills. You can't miss them - they are red and white, and they will be placed at the Signing-On and at the Catering Counter, so please put something in them.

This charity is now called Bloodwise, and they were delighted with what they received from last year's Series.

I shall be displaying their Thank-You Certificate in the Race HQ, and, remember - in the words of a well-known phrase - Every Little Helps. Thank you in advance.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at -

29/03/2017 - CHEAP first aid course at Darley Moor

Note - please respond direct to Eddie Nelson -

We at Darley Moor are very concerned at the high cost of providing First Aid cover for cycling and other events.


We now have an impressive Training facility at Darley Moor. We also have access to trainers within the medical profession.


We are, subject to enough people seeking training, arranging a first aid course at Darley Moor for Sunday 30th April from 10.00 – 17.00. The course will qualify the students for a Certificate for three years. The Course is basically the one day “First Aid at Work Course” with additional training suitable for cycle incidents.


As Darley Moor is not interested in making a profit out of this course we have priced it at £50.00 per student including a finger buffet lunch together with tea and coffee.


To enable planning can I ask that is you have anyone interested in taking part in the course you let me know as soon as possible so that I can book the instructor. The maximum number of students in the class is 12 but if required a second training day will be organised later in the year.


I would be grateful for a reply to this e-mail even if it is a total negative by the 10th April.


Thank you for reading this e-mail.


Kind regards


Eddie Nelson


Darley Moor MCRRC

14/03/2017 - Solihull CC Early Season Circuit Races on 1 April 2017

"The closing date for Solihull CC Early Season Circuit Races on 1 April 2017 was set up so that entries were closed. This was set up incorrectly by myself. I have now re-opened entries as there are several places available.

Russ Perry Solihull CC."

06/03/2017 - LVRC INSURANCE 2017 UPDATE

This important message has been sent direct to all Regional Event Coordinators and Organisers listed in the 2017 Handbook following various discussions at the NEC. 

An updated 2017 Insurance certificate will be put on the web site very shortly for your use when required this year. 

Please note the LVRC premium will be paid week commencing 13th March - so we are all covered!

This note will also go on the LVRC web site and FB page. 

Motor Vehicle Cover for LVRC Volunteers

We have recently been checking the issue of insurance for lead/following car drivers.  This is the current position:
  • Motoring insurance providers generally seem to consider that driving a lead or following car for a cycle race is covered as ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ use, providing no payment (other than expenses) is involved;
  • The LVRC third party insurance includes 'contingent' cover for drivers of vehicles being used on LVRC business. This means that if a driver was not covered by their own insurance policy for some reason, the LVRC insurance would provide third party cover.
  • If lead/following car drivers wish to be sure about their insurance cover, they should contact their own insurers, emphasising that they are assisting in the running of a cycling race as a volunteer in furtherance of their hobby.
LVRC Motor Vehicle Cover
This is included in our policy and in exactly the same way as it operates for TLI Cycling,  in that it is a contingent cover for drivers of vehicles (not belonging to or operated by LVRC themselves as an organisation) being used on LVRC business. Contingent cover mean that the driver should have his or her own motor insurance in force and the use for the LVRC should fall within the definition of 'social, domestic and pleasure' in their policy. 

Official race helpers do not receive a payment - they are using their vehicle in the pursuit of a hobby, they are not participating in a racing event but assisting in the running of the event.  Only if the driver’s own policy does not operate for some reason will the LVRC policy operate.

To be certain the volunteers should speak to their own motor insurers stressing they do not receive a payment, that they are using their vehicle in the pursuit of a hobby, they are not participating in any vehicle racing event and that they are ONLY assisting in the running of a cycling event.

NEC members have sought clarification from their personal vehicle insurance companies.  Insurers were comfortable with the explanations given to them and said that they would be covered.  Confirmation was not put it in writing but notes were entered onto accounts.

Gary Kristensen MBE, BEng(Hons), GCGI
Chairman LVRC

06/03/2017 - Word Race Calendar amendment

Date updated for the REGION 7 SPIRIT BIKES CC Spring Road Races  Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Handbook says 7th May, which is CORRECT, but the Word document said 14th May, which is incorrect. Date updated to the 7th May. Thanks :-)

27/02/2017 - Handbook and Race Calendar Amendments

Clifton CC RR on 11th June - Organiser is Phil Bixby not Phil Buxby and email  for entries is Electronic handbook on the LVRC website has been updated, as has the Word master file on there and on the FB page. Now at version 12 dated 27th Feb 2017. Please update your hard copies.

25/02/2017 - Handbook and Race Calendar Amendments

For all those with a printed handbook, please take note that confirmation of the WheelGuru Darley Race is on 13th May and NOT on 27th April, as was erroneously entered at some point. I have amended the electronic online handbook on this site to reflect.

The race calendar is now at version 11, last updated 25th Feb 2017 by me, and there are copies on this website and the LVRC Facebook page.


Gary, Chairman

18/02/2017 - Updates to Race Calendar and Handbook

For all those with a printed handbook, please take note that the Region 10 Registrar is Trevor Bradbury and his email address should be

The race calendar is now at version 8.0, last updated Feb 2017, and there are copies on this website and the LVRC Facebook page.


Gary, Chairman


A new Masters Track League for riders of 40+ has been added to the Tuesday evening track league at Newport Velodrome, which starts at 18.45 and comprises 5 races for each group. You can book in advance online at Riders must hold a BC racing licence and have accreditation at Newport or another indoor velodrome.




This is to advise members and competitors that the Swindon round of the Series scheduled for 7th May has had to be cancelled due to course and organisational difficulties. 

The format and number of counting rounds of the Series will remain unchanged.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator on

27/01/2017 - 2017 LVRC Race Calendar Issue 6.1

Issue 6.1 of the race calendar for 2017 is now available under RACING in the drop-down menu and is also available on the LVRC facebook page. 





27/01/2017 - Team Wheelguru circuit races, 13.15h Saturday 13th May 2017

Team Wheelguru circuit races, Saturday 13th May 2017

Darley Moor race circuit on A515, 2 miles south of Ashbourne.

10.30 EFGHI 1 Hr + 5 laps. 13.15 ABCD 1 Hr & 15 mins + 5 laps.

Full prize list for all age cats.

Entry method B £12 & C £15.

Entries to Michael Clark, 1 Quarry Clough, Stalybridge, SK15 2RJ.

Please include email address for start sheet. 07876898895

12/01/2017 - LVRC 2017 Handbook

The LVRC 2017 handbook has now been added to the website. Please note, this is not in its usual location at the moment and can be found under MEMBERSHIP -> VETERAN LEAGUER.

Many thanks to Don Parry for collating all the information, Barrie Mitchell for coordinating the race calendar and to Andy Barrett for formatting, and getting it ready for the printers. The handbook is with the printers and will be sent out to the regional registrars in the next week or so.

02/01/2017 - LVRC - Chairman's Message 2017

Message from your Chairman - Gary Kristensen MBE
Happy New Year to you all and welcome into 2017. As racing cyclists, we should all have our eyes on a number of targets and aims through the months to come, and there is no doubt that this year is set to bring you more opportunity to race, help out and get involved with YOUR LVRC.
Firstly though, a BIG thank you to all who contributed to make 2016 a very successful year for the LVRC. Without you it wouldn't have happened. To all the members who pitched up and raced - safely and responsibly - let's do it again, faster and better!
The LVRC has the passion and know how to look after the 40+ racing community, and long may it continue!
Overtly, not much will appear to have changed, so it will seem like business as usual, but behind the scenes, things (and people) have been changing. Planning has taken place, a lot of research and investigation is being done, and there has been plenty of development of ideas, concepts and infrastructure that will make the LVRC a better and more efficient organisation moving forwards. Whatever happens, and whatever we bring in, your help and feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to chirp up and chip in.
Membership renewal is due, so please follow the bouncing ball via the website to ensure you receive your handbook (currently going to print) and licence to race. It's still only £20, even though you are getting more for it this year! Great value, so please spread the word and ask your other 40+ year old racing and riding mates to join.
We need more lady members, and we need a lady to become the champion to lead this initative. Please contact me individually if you are interested in coming onto the National Executive Committee to fill the role of the Ladies' Champion.
Racing 2017
The calendar has been finalised, and I thank all organisers and volunteers for their willingness and commitment to run the races that ensures we can all take part and have a crack for the podium. The list of National Champs and the final (provisional) calendar is currently on the website and Facebook for those who wish to start planning early!
Track Focus
There is even more track racing and training happening thanks principally to Rob Muzio. On top of the track league dates every fortnight from 12th January to 29th June (with each night's racing from 6.30 to 10pm). He is also training people to ride the Madison, for which there will be a race series (dates TBC), he has generated sponsorship to cover production of Madison jerseys, provided a provisional date for a National Madison Championships and set up the National track champs for the last weekend in October, this year at Derby.
So, if you wish to ride and race more track, please connect with Rob on Facebook and keep an eye on the online entry system for all of the future dates.
Region 7 will be using a timing chip system full time at their Milton Keynes Bowl race series, and this will inform and educate us on how we can best employ this technology in the years to come. We've initiated a number of other projects, including an updated website, more integration of the platforms we use to keep you informed and served, and our own race entry system that we estimate will save us the best part of a few thousand pounds per year over the current online entry system.

A new website is currently being developed with a fresh theme that is capable of being updated and changed as and when required by ourselves without the need for third party intervention. It is based on Wordpress, which is easy to self author and develop, and this will negate us having to ask a single web development company to carry our update work for us that is simple to do on a more modern platform.

The content will remain much the same, with fresh features such as an interactive event calendar directly linked to the RiderHQ calendar as well as a standardised Results Page and hyperlinks to social media such as Facebook. But more on this in the next two months.

Again, we'll need volunteers to keep the content up to date and lively, so if you know anything about Wordpress and you want to help out a little, please get in touch with Colin Smith who is the NEC member responsible for the website nowadays.

Sponsors and Sponsorship Co-ord
The LVRC is extremely grateful for all sponsors who support what we do. I will not name them individually here, but rest assured that we do have ideas how to provide you with a better return on investment via our social media channels and web presence. If someone would like to become the sponsorship co-ordinator, then please contact me individually for the brief.
Veteran E-Leaguer
I'd like to resurrect this in 2017 but I need a leader and small team to make it happen. Please get in touch if you wish to head this up or be part of the team.
None of this has happened, or will happen, without volunteer help, so if you currently don't know how to get involved and lend a hand, then please ask your regional and national committee members. We need more volunteers to sustain and grow ourselves, from both an admin and race organisation perspective.
Remember folks, dream big in everything you do and all that you aspire to be, and look out for the changes and improvements that we aim to bring in for the good and benefit of the organisation in 2017.
Keep it rubber side down, your chain always tight, the wind on your back and the sun on your face. Be safe, but most importantly, have some fun doing it.
Yours in sport and all the very best


2017 News

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