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29/08/2019 - LVRC Region 9 AGM

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

Region 9 – London & South East England


To all Region 9 members


The 2019 L.V.R.C. Region 9 Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 15th September at the Redbridge Cycling Centre (Hog Hill) commencing at 12.15p.m. approx, after the ‘ Very Last of the Summer Wine’ event which has been added to the race calendar.


We would like to see more members making an effort to attend the meeting and to show an interest in the running of the regions affairs. Some members of the committee, current race organisers and helpers who have served the Region for many years wish to stand down and replacements are urgently required.


After the racing why not come and join us in the Meeting Room (that’s next door to where you normally sign-on) to see what running our region and events is all about.


The meeting is informal and will last for about one hour.





Fred Little


League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

London & South East England Region (9)


Tele: 01277 658807

20/08/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

The overall awards for this year’s Series will be presented after the race prizes for the final round on 8th September promoted by Dulwich Paragon - in the Race HQ at Bletchingley Village Hall, High Street, Bletchingley, Surrey RH1 4PA – estimated by 1pm for all Age Groups.


This year, we should have use of the full Bletchingley course, so that all races can be run off at the same time – unlike last year, when we had to resort to emergency measures due to road closures, with races at different times.


The overall winners of each Age Group will receive a LE COL Jersey, a trophy, and £50. 2nd in each Age Group will receive £40, and 3rd in each Age Group will receive £30.


As some of the Age Groups are finely poised points-wise, it is important to clarify what happens in the event of a tie on points.


There will only be one winner in each Age Group, and if there is a tie on points after the final round, the winner will be selected on count-back – either most wins, best supporting points scores, or best average points.


However, if there is a tie on points for either 2nd or 3rd in any Age Group, both parties will receive the same cash prize.


If you are already a winner, or likely to be a prize winner, please make every effort to be there.


Tom McCall – Series Co-ordinator at






On Sunday 22nd September Andover Wheelers are promoting the inaugural LVRC Hill Climb Championship on Conholt Hill in Hampshire. It is being held alongside an open CTT event, and is named in honour of Philippa York, who competed as Robert Millar and was the first British cyclist to win a Grand Tour classification.

Conholt Hill is 1.3 km long, with an average gradient of 7.4% and a maximum of 13%. The HQ is Vernham Dean village hall SP11 0JY, and the LVRC event starts at 10 am. You can enter the LVRC event via RiderHQ at

Entries close on 10 Sept. For further information contact Martyn Wilson

01/08/2019 - TOUR OF THE ABBERLEYS 2020

The Tour of the Abberleys stage race has always been held on the first bank holiday week-end in May, but next year the May Day bank holiday has been moved to Friday of the second week-end to form part of a VE Day anniversary week-end. Having considered several options for the Abberleys, the outcome is that it will be held as a 2-day stage race on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May. Saturday will comprise a short Prologue TT and 42-mile road stage as usual. On Sunday there will be an extended stage of over 60 miles on a challenging new course (shorter for the over 60s). HQ will be Great Witley village hall again and we'll have the support of the Midland Bike Marshals.

25/07/2019 - Dinosaurs in the Park

On Tuesday 27th August, Dulwich Paragon are promoting LVRC races in Crystal Palace Park, South London. 

DP promote BC races every Tuesday at Crystal Palace Park, and it was thought that it would be a good idea to extend this by one week to take in an LVRC event.

Dulwich Paragon are long-term supporters of the LVRC, and this latest promotion follows on from their recent events on Herne Hil Velodrome.

The only problem they have for this enterprise is that entries so far are disappointingly low.

Crystal Palace Park is an interesting place. Why don't you enter the race, and come early to beat the Rush Hour and have a look around - there really are dinosaurs in the Park - you won't be the only ones!

There is plenty of parking space there. The main entrance is off Anerley Hill. Signing-on is at Cadence at the top of Anerley Hill. Details on riderhq.

Come on guys and girls - make the effort - we look forward to seeing you there on the night.

Tom McCall

20/07/2019 - Region 9 Championship Medals

The Region 9 Road Championships were recently incorporated into the LE COL/Arcadian Series round promoted by In Gear on 30th June.

There were obviously riders from Regions other than 9 in the races However, at the prize presentation,there was some confusion in identifying Region 9 members for their medals, due to the fact that some genuine Region 9 members had the wrong Region number on their Membership Card. 

This was subsequently found to be an administrative error, but, because of this, it unfortunately meant that some medals were wrongly given out.

These faults have now been identified and rectified, but these problems have meant that promoter James Gowan, who is blameless in this matter, has had to go to considerable trouble to retrieve medals and give them out to the correct recipients.

There now remains only one medal to retrieve. The Silver medal for the E category was wrongly awarded, so could the person who has it please contact promoter James Gowan so that it can be sent on to the correct recipient.

James can be contacted at or on 07739 404134.

Apologies to all those who were affected, and thanks are extended to James Gowan for his efforts to resolve this matter.

19/07/2019 - Region 9 EXTRA EVENT


LVRC Region 9 will be promoting an extra event at the Redbridge Cycling Centre (Hog Hill) on Sunday 15th September starting at 10am.


It will follow the normal format - i.e. One hour on the lower circuit + laps.

There will be as usual two races on the circuit at the same time - i.e - Categories A/B/C/D and E/F/G/H/I. Both events will incorporate a Ladies category.   

There will be prizes for the first three in each Age Category plus Primes.

Entry is On-the-Day only with a £10 entry fee.

The event will be followed by the Region 9 AGM at aproximately 12.15pm which will last for about one hour, so how about staying on to support it!!

Fred Little                                                                                                    LVRC General Secretary & Events Co-ordinator                                                London & South East Region (9)

19/07/2019 - Percy Stallard Series Results


Sunday 14th July 2019

 There was a serious safety and behaviour incident at the Tour of the Wolds Stallard last Sunday which has been escalated to the NEC for consideration.  As the Stallard series co- ordinator I have been asked by the NEC to communicate their decision. The decision is that no points will be issued for this round due to the behaviour of riders during the race when unfortunately, a tractor joined the course and the driver would not take instruction from the marshals to clear the road for the oncoming race. Many riders chose to ride passed the lead car that was stuck momentarily by the tractor.

This action is strictly against the LVRC race safety rules, as you are then effectively out of the race, and under no circumstances should this ever have been done. This action also caused the riders left behind to be distanced unfairly by those that took matters in to their own hands and were put in a position of being out of the race when it had only just begun. 

Furthermore, once the race had finished and race organiser Steve Wakefield tried his best to talk to the riders involved and make the best of the situation but he felt both bullied and intimidated by the aggressive nature of several of those riders. The NEC fully supports all organisers and will not tolerate this type of behaviour under any circumstances

The LVRC has always prided itself that veteran racers of ALL ages will behave themselves in an orderly and respectful manner and treat all the volunteer race organisers, marshals and helpers that are the bed rock of our sport with the respect they deserve.

With this in mind the decision is final and will not be open to debate. 

26/06/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

I did advise earlier that I was going to put Macmillan Cancer Support collection boxes in the Race HQ at each round.

Although some of you have put something in them, quite frankly the response has been very disappointing - considering the number who have raced in the Series so far this year.

They are easy to see - they are green, and they are placed at the Signing-on and at the Catering counter.

You all have a bit of change in your pockets, so how about putting something in them rather than ignoring them. If a lot of you put in just a little, it soon adds up.

Cancer is a disease that has affected many of us, so how about showing a bit of support for this organisation that carries out such a good service.

Come on guys and girls - just make the effort.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator.

04/06/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019


LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019


The result of the latest round of the LE COL/Arcadian Series promoted by Kingsnorth International is detailed in the Results Section. The immediate reaction from most will be to ask where everybody was – which is a very good question that I cannot answer.


Promoter Olivier MacPherson went to some considerable trouble to get this event on. There were well-publicised details of problems with the site owner, but despite this, he persevered when many would have given up.


He wanted to put a 2-day on, but he was only successful in securing the course for one day. In spite of this, he still decided to go ahead and promote.


Because of the location on the Kent coast, plus the fact that members do not have to ride all the Series rounds to qualify, I felt that it would be a good idea to provide members with an incentive to go and ride the event. Accordingly, I announced that all points-winners would get an additional 5 points, and this was endorsed by sponsor Mark Pelling.


I thought that the entry would be a little reduced from normal numbers, but I have been bitterly disappointed by the turnout.


Only 5 turned up for the A/B race. 10 turned up for the C/D race, which was under half of those pre-entered, but the older riders and the Ladies made up a field of 22, which was acceptable on the day.


A big thank you needs to go out to all who turned up to race, and all the races were well-contested. An unwell Bob Downs was unable to race, but he was also there to show his face, and to support his partner who was riding. And – in case you all wonder if I was there too – yes I was, and my wife Louise covered First Aid. Additionally, all those who did make the effort were justifiably rewarded with the extra points.


A few did apparently contact the organiser to advise that they were not going, but that does not excuse the massive no-show.


Sometimes, I wonder why I bother at all. I work hard during the off-season to try to get a Series together, and organisers still come forward, although it is becoming more difficult to promote races. The only reward any of us wants is for members to enter and turn up for the events, so what has gone wrong in this instance?


I cannot believe it is the distance. When I was racing, I used to travel up and down the country to Percy Stallard races, and also to races in the West Country and South Wales, without worrying about the distance, so what is the problem with going to the Kent coast?


If you guys do not support the people that put on a race programme for you, there will soon be no races for you to ride in. Think about it!


Tom McCall – Series Co-ordinator at



29/05/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Just in case any of you did not see my earlier notice, this is just a reminder that there are extra points on offer for the results of the Kingsnorth International Series round at Fowlmead on the Kent coast this coming Sunday.

As a "half-term" bonus, anyone gaining points at Fowlmead will have an extra 5 points added.

I notice that there is a reaasonable take-up by cats C to G, but the A/B race seems very light on the ground, which is a little disappointing.

Apart from supporting the promoters who have gone to the trouble of putting a race on for you, bear in mind that you are missing the opportunity of gaining extra points if you are not there.

I don't want to receive any complaints afterwards from anyone who was not aware!

Series co-ordinator Tom McCall at

28/05/2019 - LVRC at Herne Hill Velodrome

Patrick Hawkins on behalf of Dulwich Paragon has secured a slot for LVRC racing on Herne Hill Velodrome for Saturday 15th June.The LVRC events will be the first of a whole weekend's racing as part of The Big Velofete.

These events will be for Road Bikes, so you don't need a Track Bike to compete. Some entries have already been received, and the race formats will be as follows:-

08.00 am - A/B scratch, 09.15am - C/D/E/F/G scratch.

Both races will be of 25 minutes plus 20 laps (about 45 minutes duration). Sign-in by 07.45 please. Bear in mind that this is a fund-raising event, so prizes will be modest - but winning is priceless - yes?!

The race configuration is based on entries received to date, so it may be tweaked if the mix of entries changes significantly.

Whilst on the subject of entries, more are needed, so please advise others about the opportunity to ride on the historic Herne Hill Velodrome. 

Entries through riderhq, or further details from Patrick Hawkins at

Some may know that Dulwich Paragon promote Tuesday evening crits under BC rules in Crystal Palace Park in South London every week through the Summer. This year, the circuit has been retained for one further day on Tuesday 27th August for LVRC racing. It is a great venue with an interesting circuit of just under 1 mile round.

The event is called "Dinosaurs at the Palace" to complement the dinosaurs that are already there in the park - come and see - it's true! Details also on riderhq or from Patrick Hawkins as above.

Dulwich Paragon are great supporters of the LVRC, and they are promoting two interesting additional events for members as detailed above. All you need to do is show that their efforts are appreciated by entering these events.


14/05/2019 - VICTORIA CC Hog Hill Criteriums Final Standings

The value of overall prizes for the recent Victoria CC criteriums at Hog Hill has now been worked out, and the following prize winners should get in touch with organiser to claim their awards.

Contact Brad Lamb at

The awards in each category have been allocated based on the number of entries received. Any queries to Brad Lamb.

A - 

Matt Homes, Arctic/Tacx - £30

Marco Coppola, WindyMilla - £27

A.Campbell, Eagle RC - £15

B.Cliffe, Redbridge CC - £5

Duncan Rimmer, Morden CRC - £5

Chris Ware, Rapha CC - £5

B - 

Phil Hersey, Eagle RC - £71

Charles Kennedy-Scott, CC HJackney - £50

David Tate, In Gear - £35

Lee Smith, PB Cycle Coaching - £20

Mark Daly, Colourtech RT - £10

Brian Flemming, Rose Racing Team - £10

C - 

Antony Wallis, Team Jewson - £90

Cliff Steele, Brixton CC - £54

Antonius Wubben, Condor Cycling - £54

Andrew Buurman, Rapha CC - £27

Simon Bell, 4T+ Cyclopark - £10

David Farrow, Eagle RC - £10

D - 

Martin Meades, Ciclos Uno - £62

N.Stephens, Team Terminator - £24

James Conway, Met Police - £14

Kieren Dineen, VC Equipe - £5

Mick Lee, Colourtech RT - £5

E - 

Geoff Bores, Ford CC - £38

Bob Downs, JLT Condor - £24

Mick Savage, Crest CC - £24

Phil Bull, Colourtech RT - £15

Keith Gross, Glendene CC - £15

Bernard Bunting, London Dynamo - £5

Emerich Hurault, 4T+ Cyclopark - £5

F - 

Bob Ford, Bournemouth Cycleworks - £38

Peter Constable, Basildon CC - £23

Andrew Donaldson, Giant - £20

Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC - £12

Stephen Bunn, Welland Valley - £5

Chris Croft, Dirty WKND - £5

Andy Roberts, GS Vecchi - £5

G - 

Olivier MacPherson, Kingsnorth Int - £33

Geoff Wiles, Abellio/SFA - £12

James Gowan, In Gear - £5




07/05/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Please note that the pm race for C/D cats at the Hunt Bike Wheels "The Chase Is On" round of the Series on 19th May will start at 12.30, not 13.00.

Due to some constraints with help on the day, and the use of Chip Timing, it has been necessary to close the race schedule up a bit, so, if you are entered, make sure you arrive in good time to take part.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at




30/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Further to my last notice, there may be some confusion about the Series round on the 16th June.

Although the entry on riderhq shows the event as Region 7 Verulam Really Moving. This is definitely the correct Series event at Hog Hill.

Let's get those entries in.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at

29/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Pre-entries for the round at Hog Hill on 16th June are very disappointing.

The E/F/G/H race will be run on the lower circuit, so you guys who don't like the hill have no excuse for not entering.

There is a separate Ladies event to be run concurrently with the E/F/G/H race. From time to time, enquiries have been received for Ladies about separate events, as they usually have to ride with the men. Now that there is one for you, the response has been overwhelming - ZERO entries so far!

The A/B and  C/D rsces will be run on the full circuit.

If you don't have promoters, you don't have events. Verulam Really Moving have gone to the trouble of putting a Series event on for you, so the least you can do is support their efforts. The last thing we want is for these guys to be discouraged by lack of support and not bother again in future.

It is cheaper to pre-enter, so how about it - where are you all?

Use it or lose it!

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at




It seems a long way ahead, but for those planning to ride the Track Championships at Newport Velodrome on Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September, here are some additional details. The event is now listed on RiderHQ and entries will open online on 26th July.

Provisional schedule:

Friday 20 Sept 15:00 - 20:00  Match Sprints (from 200m qualifiers to finals)

Saturday 21 Sept 10:00 - 19:00  Points Races, Time Trials, Team Pursuit 3k, Team Sprint, Team Pursuit 4k

Sunday 22 Sept 09:30 - 18:00  Individual Pursuits, Hour Record ride, Scratch Races

In addition to the £10 entry fee for the Champioships, there is a £10 entry fee for each separate event.

For Team Pursuits and Team Sprint only one member of the team needs to enter and pay, but all members must be entered for the Championships. Teams may be added to or changed on the day.

There are 2 Team Pursuit events: 4k, 4 riders, with no specific age requirement; 3k, 3 riders, minimum combined age 160 years (with women counting as +10 years). Riders may enter both the 4k and 3k Team Pursuits, but there is not much time between them in the schedule.

The Team Sprint is 750m, 3 riders, minimum combined age 150 years (with women counting as +10 years).

Medals will be awarded for all individual events for men in each age category A to I, and for women in age categories 40-49 and 50+, and also 60+ for TT and Pursuit. Medals will be awarded for the 3 team events. There will be no champions' jerseys awarded. 

18/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Many of you may be aware that Barry Jones keeps a spreadsheet running that shows all riders' points, which is a useful cross-check for my own figures.

My GC's on the LVRC website will only feature the top 10 in each Age Group, so if you would like to keep an eye on all points winners through the season, let Barry know that you would like to go on his mailing list, which will be sent out after every round.

His e-mail address is

Even if you have already been receiving it, please confirm to Barry that you want to remain on his mailing list.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator at


Sevale RR Sat 25 May 10.00 
We have 8 women entries so far but need more before the closing date on 6 May. You can enter at
HQ Welland village hall WR13 6NE
Race distance 49 miles, 3 laps of a course which is mainly flat with some undulating sections. See
One of the 3 concurrent races will be for women only, all age categories 40+. There will be prizes within the categories 40+, 50+ and 60+.
The races will have motorcycle support from Midland Bike Marshals.
This is a rare opportunity to take part in a women-only vets' road race. If it's well supported there could be more!

09/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

Kingsnorth International are promoting a round of the Series at Betteshanger Park (Fowlmead) on the Kent coast on 2nd June.

Some of you may be thinking that it is a bit out of the way, and too far to go, so I am giving you an incentive to make the trip.

I am offering a "half term bonus". This means that anyone who rides at Fowlmead and gains points, will receive 5 extra points to add to their score on the day. That's got to be worth going for!

Remember that you all need races to ride, and we need promoters to put them on. Kingsnorth International have made the effort to put this one on, so how about showing your appreciation by supporting them, and entering their event.

For anyone who has not been there before, it is a good, safe circuit right on the coast with bracing sea air - what could be better than that?

Series promoter Tom McCall at


02/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

News about the forthcoming round of the Series on 19th May - Hunt Bike Wheels "The Race Is On".

Firstly, to clarify -  this event does not incorporate the Region 9 Championship, this will be part of the In Gear promotion on 30th June.

Secondly, and more importantly - the promoter may need help on the day. This is a first-time LVRC and Series promotion for Hunt Wheels, and their resources will be stretched to provide enough people on the day.

We all want to encourage them to promote again after this initial effort, so how about putting something back in by volunteering to help on the day.

With morning and afternoon events, you could ride in the morning and help in the afternoon, or vice versa.

As a sign of appreciation, Hunt Wheels will provide goody bags to anyone who volounteers to help on the day.

Contact John Marchment at or


30/03/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

During the last few years, there have been collection boxes in the Race HQ's for Bloodwise - Leukaemia Research, and many of you have given generously to a worthy cause.

This year, we will be collecting for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Series co-sponsor Mark Pelling of Arcadian Architectural Services, has experience from within his own family of the benefits of their support, and I have personally too.

This is another worthy cause, and Macmillan collection boxes will be placed in Race HQ's on the signing-on desk, and in the catering area.

All donations will be gratefully received.

Tom McCall - Series co-ordinator at

14/03/2019 - Still time to enter the Welland Trophy LVRC/VTTA TT

Our joint Time Trial event with the VTTA is on Saturday 6th April and this year there is a small change to the event – as we’re all getting that little bit older we’ve dropped the distance from 16 to 15 miles to make it easier!  Actually, it’s the usual undulating course  [Welland/Rye Cross/B4211/Longdon/ Upton/Welland] except the finish is on the outskirts of Welland.

There are solo and two-up competitions, including prizes based on VTTA age standard times, and the overall team award is a competition between LVRC and VTTA members for the Welland Trophy. 

Headquarters is Welland Village Hall WR13 6NE, first rider off at 14.00, entry fee £12 per rider.

Entries on-line via the CTT website, or postal entries on CTT entry forms to:

Mike Amery,  18 Giffard Drive,  Welland  WR13 6SE  Tel: 01684 310168

Closing date Tuesday 26th March

09/03/2019 - Sad News

I write to let you know, very sadly, Ron Day passed away last night after a relatively short battle with cancer. He was 85. Both Trudie and I have seen him in the past few days and he was at peace with himself. 
Ron was a founder member of the LVRC back in 1986 and the original founder of LVRC R7 which he led until Trudie succeeded him a few years ago.
He was a true visionary for the LVRC and was continuously supportive of the ongoing changes to the organisation as we evolved to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of our membership. 
On a personal basis he was invaluably supportive of me during my time as Chairman, sometimes through some quite difficult circumstances and strategic disagreements on the NEC. 
Within the LVRC at a National and Regional level we all have so much to be grateful for to Ron and his leadership.
Rest in Peace Ron Day.  

02/03/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019

In response to enquiries I have been receiving - the GS Vecchi event on 14th April at Preston Candover in Hants near Basingstoke is definitely a counting round of the LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019.

Series Co-ordinator Tom McCall at

04/02/2019 - Battle of Edge Hill RR Cancelled

Unfortunately organiser Mick Ives has had to cancel the Battle of Edge Hill 2-stage road race on 16th June, as a key section of road used in both stages is likely to be affected by early HS2 work.


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