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17/02/2018 - Madison and Derny, at Derby

Dates for the inaugural Madison Derny Six Race Series at Derby Velodrome (entrants and spectators welcome, 6-9pm) are;

24th Feb

31st Mar

28th Apr

23rd Jun

28th Jul

25th Aug

02/02/2018 - Membership Cards & Race Calendar

There are a few disappointing comments around, questioning the credibility of the partner companies we are using in support of our new membership and race calendar systems.

The two companies we’ve partnered with are OneLife iD and RiderHQ.

I would like to make it clear to all, that these companies are doing a terrific job in supporting the LVRC through membership and calendar system changes, and any delays are not from within OneLife iD nor RiderHQ.

The current delays to some individual personal membership cards are entirely self-inflicted, through members not following the joining instructions that have been sent out and published by every available media (except carrier pigeon) on multiple occasions. For a short version, please read the news item below this one, "Licence requirements".

The online race calendar is a major step forward from where we have been, paper based, for too long. Moving to an online system was requested by many members and was inevitable as volunteers were not coming forward to fill the necessary roles in the LVRC. The race calendar system is being continually developed with our input, based on your feedback and that of other organisations who use it.   

Don Parry, Chairman (interim)

01/02/2018 - Licence requirements

Our new licence system requires the upload of a passport style photo and the notification of an emergency contact, via the RiderHQ website. Both photo and  emergency contact info will then appear on your new membership card, which is being produced by a company called OneLife iD.

Photos and contact details are intended as a member benefit for your safety and security. 

29/01/2018 - Licence despatch

LVRC race licences are now being despatched for you, by a company called OneLife iD, who may advise you of the despatch by prior email and with whom LVRC is partnering on licence production. 

The LVRC licence package will also contain the 2018 Handbook and a snap-off key tag containing your emergency contact information. Such contact information is mandatory on the licence, and is being scraped by OneLife iD from the details you enter on RiderHQ.

Because OneLife iD are producing the licences, they are offering you the option to extend your emergency contact details to a secure online record, accessible via their website; details on what this means and how to do this are included in both their email and the package itself. Unlike your emergency record on RiderHQ, the one you can choose to activate on OneLife iD can include extra emergency contacts, medical information or even extra documents.

It is not a requirement of LVRC membership that you take up the option offered by OneLife iD, therefore you do not have to activate your OneLife iD if you don't wish to. However as stated, your basic emergency contact information must be submitted to RiderHQ and will appear on your printed licence.

19/01/2018 - Region 9 lunch change of venue

LVRC REGION 9 LUNCH Wednesday 7th February 12 for 1pm

Unfortunately, we have received late notification from the manager at Stapleford Tawney advising that they cannot cope with the numberts for lunch, so, it is goodbye to our traditional venue.

The lunch has been re-arranged in Central London at NOIZE, 39, Whitfield Street, London W1T 2FS. The restaurant is only 150 yards from Goodge Street station on the Northern line. The time is the same - 12 for 1pm.

The Manager is Michael Meteyer, a Region 9 member, and active racer. They are giving us a special deal - the same as Stapleford - i.e. £27 for three courses, but without wine, which can be purchased at £21 per bottle - why not share a bottle or two with friends and colleagues.

The food is truly excellent, and solid French Rustic in style, with a vegetarian option available - please advise if this is required.

We hope you can make it, and that those who have already sent cheques stay on board.

Google Noize Restautrant and check it out.

Cheques payable to Richard Wall, or details from him at 142, Holden Avenue, Oxley Park, Milton Keynes MK4 4HT. tel 01908 501556, e-mail -

17/01/2018 - Online, not on-the-line membership.

In order to race with LVRC, with immediate effect you must join the LVRC online, and prior to attending a race. A hard copy photo-style licence will then be created centrally and posted to you. You will no longer be able to join the LVRC and enter a race on the day at the same time. Don Parry, Interim Chairman

16/01/2018 - TLI race entrants

Over the last 7 plus years the LVRC and TLI Racing have forged a productive and mutually supportive working relationship, which manifests itself in many beneficial ways to our members.

TLI Rules and Regulations specifically mentions LVRC members, and requests that their organisers view race applications from LVRC members favourably in situations of over-subscribed races. Quite a number of our riders have benefited from this in the past as indeed have I on a number of occasions.

LVRC do not have a similar reciprocating rule so by way of this note I request that when our organisers have difficult decisions to make regarding field selection, if possible they take into account our TLI colleagues, particularly their organisers, where they can be identified. Thanks. Don Parry, Interim Chairman 

11/01/2018 - Racing in 2018

Both revised 'Rules of Racing', and the 2018 Handbook, can now be viewed online, respectively under the 'Racing' and 'Membership' tabs. Note that the 'racing' tab has a link to RiderHQ where many race dates can be found.

07/01/2018 - Region 9 lunch

Region 9 lunch for members and friends

The lunch will be held on Wednesday 7th February 2018 at the Stapleford Tawney Airfield Clubhouse RM4 1SJ, on the A113 a mile or so East of Abridge.

Be aware that there is a price increase to £27 per person (Inflation and New Management), and decreased to 3 courses (Brexit!) - don't be put off - the food is good and the company even better!

Arrive 12.00-ish for 1pm.

A collection for staff will be made after the lunch.

First come will have reservations, but the maximum number is limited to around 35.

Please make cheques out to Richard Wall (£27), and send to:-

Richard Wall, 142, Holden Avenue, Oxley Park, Milton Keynes MK4 4HT

tel - 01908 501556

03/01/2018 - Joining/re-joining for 2018?

Our new membership system requires the upload of a passport style photograph of yourself, which will then appear on your new plastic membership card along with any personal details that you have chosen to include.

This is intended as a member benefit for your safety and security; your acknowledgement email will contain a "link" instructing you to upload a passport style photo that is a good current likeness of you.

Without an appropriate photograph, your new membership card will not be issued. 

Don Parry, Interim Chairman


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