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14/03/2017 - Solihull CC Early Season Circuit Races on 1 April 2017

"The closing date for Solihull CC Early Season Circuit Races on 1 April 2017 was set up so that entries were closed. This was set up incorrectly by myself. I have now re-opened entries as there are several places available.

Russ Perry Solihull CC."

06/03/2017 - LVRC INSURANCE 2017 UPDATE

This important message has been sent direct to all Regional Event Coordinators and Organisers listed in the 2017 Handbook following various discussions at the NEC. 

An updated 2017 Insurance certificate will be put on the web site very shortly for your use when required this year. 

Please note the LVRC premium will be paid week commencing 13th March - so we are all covered!

This note will also go on the LVRC web site and FB page. 

Motor Vehicle Cover for LVRC Volunteers

We have recently been checking the issue of insurance for lead/following car drivers.  This is the current position:
  • Motoring insurance providers generally seem to consider that driving a lead or following car for a cycle race is covered as ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ use, providing no payment (other than expenses) is involved;
  • The LVRC third party insurance includes 'contingent' cover for drivers of vehicles being used on LVRC business. This means that if a driver was not covered by their own insurance policy for some reason, the LVRC insurance would provide third party cover.
  • If lead/following car drivers wish to be sure about their insurance cover, they should contact their own insurers, emphasising that they are assisting in the running of a cycling race as a volunteer in furtherance of their hobby.
LVRC Motor Vehicle Cover
This is included in our policy and in exactly the same way as it operates for TLI Cycling,  in that it is a contingent cover for drivers of vehicles (not belonging to or operated by LVRC themselves as an organisation) being used on LVRC business. Contingent cover mean that the driver should have his or her own motor insurance in force and the use for the LVRC should fall within the definition of 'social, domestic and pleasure' in their policy. 

Official race helpers do not receive a payment - they are using their vehicle in the pursuit of a hobby, they are not participating in a racing event but assisting in the running of the event.  Only if the driver’s own policy does not operate for some reason will the LVRC policy operate.

To be certain the volunteers should speak to their own motor insurers stressing they do not receive a payment, that they are using their vehicle in the pursuit of a hobby, they are not participating in any vehicle racing event and that they are ONLY assisting in the running of a cycling event.

NEC members have sought clarification from their personal vehicle insurance companies.  Insurers were comfortable with the explanations given to them and said that they would be covered.  Confirmation was not put it in writing but notes were entered onto accounts.

Gary Kristensen MBE, BEng(Hons), GCGI
Chairman LVRC

06/03/2017 - Word Race Calendar amendment

Date updated for the REGION 7 SPIRIT BIKES CC Spring Road Races  Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Handbook says 7th May, which is CORRECT, but the Word document said 14th May, which is incorrect. Date updated to the 7th May. Thanks :-)

27/02/2017 - Handbook and Race Calendar Amendments

Clifton CC RR on 11th June - Organiser is Phil Bixby not Phil Buxby and email  for entries is Electronic handbook on the LVRC website has been updated, as has the Word master file on there and on the FB page. Now at version 12 dated 27th Feb 2017. Please update your hard copies.

25/02/2017 - Handbook and Race Calendar Amendments

For all those with a printed handbook, please take note that confirmation of the WheelGuru Darley Race is on 13th May and NOT on 27th April, as was erroneously entered at some point. I have amended the electronic online handbook on this site to reflect.

The race calendar is now at version 11, last updated 25th Feb 2017 by me, and there are copies on this website and the LVRC Facebook page.


Gary, Chairman

18/02/2017 - Updates to Race Calendar and Handbook

For all those with a printed handbook, please take note that the Region 10 Registrar is Trevor Bradbury and his email address should be

The race calendar is now at version 8.0, last updated Feb 2017, and there are copies on this website and the LVRC Facebook page.


Gary, Chairman


A new Masters Track League for riders of 40+ has been added to the Tuesday evening track league at Newport Velodrome, which starts at 18.45 and comprises 5 races for each group. You can book in advance online at Riders must hold a BC racing licence and have accreditation at Newport or another indoor velodrome.




This is to advise members and competitors that the Swindon round of the Series scheduled for 7th May has had to be cancelled due to course and organisational difficulties. 

The format and number of counting rounds of the Series will remain unchanged.

Tom McCall - Series Co-ordinator on

27/01/2017 - 2017 LVRC Race Calendar Issue 6.1

Issue 6.1 of the race calendar for 2017 is now available under RACING in the drop-down menu and is also available on the LVRC facebook page. 





27/01/2017 - Team Wheelguru circuit races, 13.15h Saturday 13th May 2017

Team Wheelguru circuit races, Saturday 13th May 2017

Darley Moor race circuit on A515, 2 miles south of Ashbourne.

10.30 EFGHI 1 Hr + 5 laps. 13.15 ABCD 1 Hr & 15 mins + 5 laps.

Full prize list for all age cats.

Entry method B £12 & C £15.

Entries to Michael Clark, 1 Quarry Clough, Stalybridge, SK15 2RJ.

Please include email address for start sheet. 07876898895

12/01/2017 - LVRC 2017 Handbook

The LVRC 2017 handbook has now been added to the website. Please note, this is not in its usual location at the moment and can be found under MEMBERSHIP -> VETERAN LEAGUER.

Many thanks to Don Parry for collating all the information, Barrie Mitchell for coordinating the race calendar and to Andy Barrett for formatting, and getting it ready for the printers. The handbook is with the printers and will be sent out to the regional registrars in the next week or so.

02/01/2017 - LVRC - Chairman's Message 2017

Message from your Chairman - Gary Kristensen MBE
Happy New Year to you all and welcome into 2017. As racing cyclists, we should all have our eyes on a number of targets and aims through the months to come, and there is no doubt that this year is set to bring you more opportunity to race, help out and get involved with YOUR LVRC.
Firstly though, a BIG thank you to all who contributed to make 2016 a very successful year for the LVRC. Without you it wouldn't have happened. To all the members who pitched up and raced - safely and responsibly - let's do it again, faster and better!
The LVRC has the passion and know how to look after the 40+ racing community, and long may it continue!
Overtly, not much will appear to have changed, so it will seem like business as usual, but behind the scenes, things (and people) have been changing. Planning has taken place, a lot of research and investigation is being done, and there has been plenty of development of ideas, concepts and infrastructure that will make the LVRC a better and more efficient organisation moving forwards. Whatever happens, and whatever we bring in, your help and feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to chirp up and chip in.
Membership renewal is due, so please follow the bouncing ball via the website to ensure you receive your handbook (currently going to print) and licence to race. It's still only £20, even though you are getting more for it this year! Great value, so please spread the word and ask your other 40+ year old racing and riding mates to join.
We need more lady members, and we need a lady to become the champion to lead this initative. Please contact me individually if you are interested in coming onto the National Executive Committee to fill the role of the Ladies' Champion.
Racing 2017
The calendar has been finalised, and I thank all organisers and volunteers for their willingness and commitment to run the races that ensures we can all take part and have a crack for the podium. The list of National Champs and the final (provisional) calendar is currently on the website and Facebook for those who wish to start planning early!
Track Focus
There is even more track racing and training happening thanks principally to Rob Muzio. On top of the track league dates every fortnight from 12th January to 29th June (with each night's racing from 6.30 to 10pm). He is also training people to ride the Madison, for which there will be a race series (dates TBC), he has generated sponsorship to cover production of Madison jerseys, provided a provisional date for a National Madison Championships and set up the National track champs for the last weekend in October, this year at Derby.
So, if you wish to ride and race more track, please connect with Rob on Facebook and keep an eye on the online entry system for all of the future dates.
Region 7 will be using a timing chip system full time at their Milton Keynes Bowl race series, and this will inform and educate us on how we can best employ this technology in the years to come. We've initiated a number of other projects, including an updated website, more integration of the platforms we use to keep you informed and served, and our own race entry system that we estimate will save us the best part of a few thousand pounds per year over the current online entry system.

A new website is currently being developed with a fresh theme that is capable of being updated and changed as and when required by ourselves without the need for third party intervention. It is based on Wordpress, which is easy to self author and develop, and this will negate us having to ask a single web development company to carry our update work for us that is simple to do on a more modern platform.

The content will remain much the same, with fresh features such as an interactive event calendar directly linked to the RiderHQ calendar as well as a standardised Results Page and hyperlinks to social media such as Facebook. But more on this in the next two months.

Again, we'll need volunteers to keep the content up to date and lively, so if you know anything about Wordpress and you want to help out a little, please get in touch with Colin Smith who is the NEC member responsible for the website nowadays.

Sponsors and Sponsorship Co-ord
The LVRC is extremely grateful for all sponsors who support what we do. I will not name them individually here, but rest assured that we do have ideas how to provide you with a better return on investment via our social media channels and web presence. If someone would like to become the sponsorship co-ordinator, then please contact me individually for the brief.
Veteran E-Leaguer
I'd like to resurrect this in 2017 but I need a leader and small team to make it happen. Please get in touch if you wish to head this up or be part of the team.
None of this has happened, or will happen, without volunteer help, so if you currently don't know how to get involved and lend a hand, then please ask your regional and national committee members. We need more volunteers to sustain and grow ourselves, from both an admin and race organisation perspective.
Remember folks, dream big in everything you do and all that you aspire to be, and look out for the changes and improvements that we aim to bring in for the good and benefit of the organisation in 2017.
Keep it rubber side down, your chain always tight, the wind on your back and the sun on your face. Be safe, but most importantly, have some fun doing it.
Yours in sport and all the very best
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