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02/07/2017 - Emergency Contact Details on Licences

Tom McCall writes, "At last Sunday's round of the Toachim Vets/PS+Cyclewear Series the Dave Griffiths Memorial races, my wife was covering signing-on. She has advised me that there were two entrants who had neither a Photo nor Emergency Contact details on their Licence/Membership card, and, probably not signed. If this had been brought to my attention at the time, I would have suggested to the promoter that they should not be allowed to start. However, neither of us were available at the time, and, due to the busy nature of signing-on, the matter was not dealt with at that moment. We do not have a complicated procedure for membership, and all anyone need do on receipt of the membership card, is to sign it, add a photo, and Emergency Contact, then seal it up - it does not seem that difficult to me. Come on guys - sort it.


09/05/2017 - Change of email - Mike Amery

Please note this new email address for Mike Amery, LVRC Stock Controller, Region 6 Events Co-ordinator and race organiser:

My old fsmail email address will be closed on 31 May.


2017 Updates and Corrections

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