Online Membership

Membership is priced at £20 per year and will expire in each December. If you purchase a new membership after 31st August then the remainder of that year is provided free of charge, and the membership will expire the following December.

Once your membership fee is paid via the web site your details are sent to your local region. Your local region will then issue your racing licence. This will take between 10 and 14 days.

New Members or
Members using the Online Membership facility for the first time :

Save time by completing your membership online, no need to post the forms to us.

Please note you will need your credit or debit card details to complete this process.

Due to some credit and debit card issuer security arrangements that are incompatible with the payment management company’s arrangements, MAESTRO as an example, only VISA, VISA DEBIT AND MASTERCARD cards are usable for Online membership applications and renewals. If you do not have one of these cards then you must join by post or at an event. We apologise for this recent change that has been imposed on us without consultation by some card issuers. We will monitor developments and add or subtract from the list of acceptable cards as the situation requires.

Please complete this form, a password will be sent to your email address and then you can login and continue the membership process.

Please select the first letters only (e.g. for post code XY10 9XZ select XY, no numbers) of your post code from the left hand postcode drop-down list box and insert the remaining numbers and letters (e.g. 10 9XZ) in the right hand postcode box.

NB. If your postcode is not listed in the box, we are currently unable to provide online signup for your area. Please use the Application Form instead.

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paying online for the first time

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Date of Birth 
Members must be at least 40 years of age.

In making or renewing my application for annual membership of the LVRC I assume exclusive responsibility for the present application and the use to which the Racing Licence will be put.  I hereby undertake to respect the LVRC and abide by the Rules of Racing as set out in the current Members Handbook.

Refund Policy
If you change your mind about joining the LVRC within 14 days of making this application your membership fee will be refunded. Please email and a refund cheque will be issued. 

Privacy Policy
I agree that the LVRC may contact me by email on LVRC matters. The LVRC promises your details will not be used for any reason other than LVRC matters. Your details will not be passed on to any other third party.




Memorandum & Articles of Association
(pdf file)

Chairman's Note
(pdf file)

If you do not have a PDF
viewer we recommend Foxit reader.

Existing Online Members

If you have already signed up for your LVRC membership online, you can use your password to log-in and update your details, or renew your membership.

Email Address

If you have forgotten your password, or your password email has been lost please use the following link. Retrieve Password

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