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05/03/2017 - Baines JCA Equip Velo RR 5th March Category Placings

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These results include Event 1 in the Over 65 Series.

The first open road race event of the LVRC calendar included the preliminary round of the Over 65 Series Competition.  It produced some good hard racing around the popular tough circuit in initially wet but dry later, cold and windy conditions.


The ABC race was dominated by a two up break almost from the gun by Roy Chamberlain and Rich Edwards. Unfortunately Edwards punctured leaving Chamberlain to stay away for the win. The sprint from the remains of the bunch for second and third as taken by Phil Raynor and Richard Wood respectively. 


In a similar manner the DE race was dominated by two lone breakaways, Joe Gardias who stayed away the whole race alone to win by over 5 minutes from James Stewart who also stayed away alone for most of the race for second place. New to the D's Paul Stewart took the sprint for third. 


In the FGH race despite the best efforts of some strong riders the bunch finished pretty much together but well strung out up the finishing hill. The win being taken by Dave Hughes, capitalising on his track league form, from a strong riding Phil Cooper and Ken Bradbury. 


There were 15 DNS out of the full field which is disappointing as so many were denied an entry due to initial over subscription.


Cat A

1 Richard Wood
  2 Paul Dring
  3 James Fox
Cat B 1 Chris Smith
  2 Michael D'Arcy
  3 Stewart Wilson
Cat C 1 Roy Chamberlain
  2 Phil Rayner
  3 Mark Booth
Cat D 1 Joe Gardias
  2 James Stewart
  3 PaulStewart
Cat E 1 Clare Smon
  2 Tony Carter
  3 Peter Nix
Cat F 1 Dave Hughes
  2 Philip Cooper
  3 Ken Bradbury
Cat G 1 Brian Sunter
  2 John Ginley
  3 Peter Jones



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