Race Results

07/04/2018 - CICLOS UNO SPRING SERIES Race 4 on 1st April

Location :

Hog Hill

Results :

This is the definitive result for these races. Due to flooding on the course, the races had to be run as one event only on a small upper circuit based on the finish area. Very soon, there were riders all round the course, which consequently made judging difficult. However, credit must be given to the organisers who were faced with difficult circumstances, but ensured that racing still went ahead.




1. Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno (B)

2. Phil Hersey, Eagle RC (A)

3. Matt Steele, Shaftesbury CC (A)

4. Antonius Wubben, Team JLT/Condor (C)

5. Valentino Fontana, Gemini BC (A)

6. Mark Oldfield, 4T+ Cyclopark (B)

7. Dermot Kealey, Finchley RT (B)

8. Alex Cohen, Finsbury Park (B)

9. Simon Bell, 4T+ Cyclopark (C)

10. Cliff Steele, Brixton CC (C)

11. Peter Cunningham, Gemini BC (B)

12. David Farrow, Eagle RC (C)

13. Ian Watson, CC London (B)

14. Lee Desborough, St Ives CC (B)

15. Hugh Vivian, Finsbury Park (C)

16. Nigel Powell, VC St Raphael/Waite (D)

17. Colin Smith, Gemini BC (D)

18. Alistair Pettey, Gemini BC (B)

19. Julian Niles-Cunnington, Team JLT/Condor (D)

20. Billy MacNamara, Clarencourt CC (D)

21. Nick Symes, Look Mum No Hands (C)

22. Stephen Piper, LVRC (D)


A – 1. Phil Hersey, 2. Matt Steele, 3. Valentino Fontana.


B – 1. Antony Wallis, 2. Mark Oldfield, 3. Dermot Kealey, 4. Alex Cohen,

5. Peter Cunningham, 6. Ian Watson, 7. Lee Desborough, 8. Alistair Pettey.


C – 1. Antonius Wubben, 2. Simon Bell, 3. Cliff Steele,

4. David Farrow, 5. Hugh Vivian, 6. Nick Symes.


D – 1. Nigel Powell, 2. Colin Smith, 3. Julian Niles-Cunnington, 4. Billy MacNamara,

5. Stephen Piper.




1. Bob Downs, Team JLT/Condor (E)

2. Geoff Bores, Ford CC (E)

3. Pete Constable, Basildon CC (F)

4. Andy Roberts, GS Vecchi (E)

5. Phil Cooper, Kingsnorth Int (F)

6. Paul Cackett, The Bike Loft (E)

7. Phil Stone, Kingsnorth Int (F)

8. Phil Harding, The Gregarios (E)

9. Mick Savage, Crest CC (E)

10. Clare E.Belle Simon, Bellisimo (E)

11. Chris Edwards, Kingsnorth Int (E)

12. Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno (F)


E – 1. Bob Downs, 2. Geoff Bores, 3. Andy Roberts, 4. Paul Cackett,

5. Phil Harding, 6. Mick Savage, 7. Clare E.Belle Simon, 8. Chris Edwards.


F – 1. Pete Constable, 2. Phil Cooper, 3. Phil Stone, 4. Charlie Bruce.

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