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12/02/2019 - 

27/03/2019 - VICTORIA CC Circuit Races on 24th March

Location :

Hog Hill

Results :

A/B/C/D/E race


1. Matt Holmes (Arctic-Tacx Racing Team) (A)

2. Bob Downs (JLT Condor) (E)

3. Antonius Wubben (Condor Cycling) (C)

4. David Tate (In-Gear) (B)

5. Lee Smith (PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team) (B)

6. Martin Meades (Ciclos Uno) (D)

7. Charles Kennedy-Scott (C.C. Hackney) (B)

8. Paul Spiceley (Glendene Cycling Club) (B)

9. Cliff Steel (Brixton Cycling Club) (C)

10. Simon Bell (4T+ Cyclopark) (C)

11. Dave Farrow (Eagle Road Club) (C)

12. David Austin (Gemini) (B)

13. Geoff Bores (Ford Cycling Club) (E)

14. Emmeric Hurault (4T+ Cyclopark) (E)

15. Steve Foster (Aerocycles) (C)

16. Marco Coppola (Wyndy Milla) (A)

17. Lee Metson (Gemini) (A)

18. Alex Cohen (FPCC) (B)

19. Chris Ware (Rapha Cycling Club) (A)

20. Hugh Williams (Pro Vision Cycle Clothing) (C)

21. Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno) (C)

22. Phil Harding (Gregarios Superclub Ciclista) (E)

23. Julian Boulter (Eagle Road Club) (C)

24. Os Assem (Finchley Racing Team) (B)

25. Olly Kan (V-Spirit Racing Team) (C)

26. N. Rossman (Finchley Racing Team) (C)

27. Paul Cundy (PMR) (B)

28. Adam Lowe (Metropolitan Police Cycling Club) (B)

29. Reg Smith (Kingsnorth International Wheelers) (F) (OOC)

30. Mike Savage (Crest Cycling Club) (E)

31. Jake Siney (C.C. London) (A)

32. Adam Wick (Lee Valley Cycling Club) (C)

33. Dan Fentiman (Eagle Road Club) (?)

34. Bernard Bunting (London Dynamo) (E)

35. Simon Constable (Basildon Cycling Club) (A)

36. Brian Fleming (Rose Racing Team) (B)

37. Phil Hersey (Eagle Road Club) (B)

38. S. Simpson (PBCC Racing Team) (B)

39. Ian Fraser (VC Revolution) (B)

40. Shaun Woodley (Aerocycles) (C)

41. Dave Buck (C.C. London) (B)


A - 1. Matt Holmes, 2. Marco Coppola, 3. Lee Metson, 4. Chris Ware,

5. Jake Siney, 6. Simon Constable.


B - 1. David Tate, 2. Lee Smith, 3. Charles Kennedy-Scott, 4. Paul Spiceley,

5. David Austin, 6. Alex Cohen, 7. Os Assem, 8. Paul Cundy,

9. Adam Lowe, 10. Brian Fleming, 11. Phil Hersey, 12. S.Simpson,

13. Ian Fraser, 14. Dave Buck.


C - 1. Antonius Wubben, 2. Cliff Steel, 3. Simon Bell, 4. Dave Farrow,

5. Steve Foster, 6. Hugh Williams, 7. Barry Neal, 8. Julian Boulter,

9. Olly Kan, 10. N.Rossman, 11. Adam Wick, 12. Shaun Woodley.


D - 1. Martin Meades.


E - 1. Bob Downs, 2. Geoff Bores, 3. Emeric Hurault, 4. Phil Harding, 

5. Mick Savage, 6. Bernard Bunting.


Over 65 Circuit Race – Categories FGHI  - a counting round of the National over-65 Points Series


The Victoria Cycling Club’s LVRC over 65 circuit race for categories FGHI attracted a field of 19 racers all eagerly anticipating a fast and attacking race. After just two laps into proceedings, Andrew Donaldson, racing for Giant, broke away from the bunch, and built up a small lead that looked dangerous, but never enough to move out of sight of the bunch behind. However, Donaldson did press on for a further 5 laps where his advantage was kept at a maximum of 10 seconds. An early first prime was offered and Donaldson had enough of a lead not to be troubled and took the honours comfortably. On lap seven, Paul Cackett, racing for The Bike Loft, made a move and went clear from the bunch in pursuit of Donaldson. Donaldson continued to press on, maintaining his advantage to the bunch but Cackett was slowly edging closer to the lone breakaway. By lap nine, Donaldson’s lead was reduced with Cackett now just two seconds behind. With the catch imminent and the first break of the day about to form, the bunch had clearly sensed the danger and started to chase in earnest. Unfortunately for the breakaway pair, they were eventually caught on lap eleven just as the whistle went for the second prime. Knowing that a potential split could form, racers started to position themselves for the prime not wanting to be caught out but also not wanting to start their sprint too early. It was Welland Valley’s Stephen Bunn who timed his sprint perfectly and took the line just ahead of GS Vecchi’s Andy Roberts.


Lap 12 saw Phil Cooper move clear, but with near perfect conditions for a chasing bunch, his lead lasted for 2 laps as he was unable to make any significant time. The pace was then kept high for several more laps with the third prime being called. Donaldson, clearly showing no fatigue from his brilliant effort at the start, led the sprint home to bag his second prime of the day. With the race now entering its final stage, several more laps had passed until MK Dons Chris Gunter sensed an opportunity and broke clear. Fortuitously for Gunter, the move coincided with the fourth and final prime being called and with enough of a gap took the prime easily. Gunter’s lead then went up to eleven seconds and the race winning move looked to have materialised had it not been for the bunch sensing the 3 lap to go board about to come out and began chasing hard. Their instinct proved right as the race did come together with 3 laps to go. Chris Croft, racing for Dirty WKND, made a final effort to try and make it a brilliant WKND attempted to go clear on the penultimate lap, but did not have the legs to see him through to the finish alone. Instead, he was caught, and at the bell, the race would come down to a bunch sprint. With the bunch entering the final corner, Donaldson moved out right and opened up his sprint and held off the bunch to take a well-deserved victory from St Ives Ralph Keeler. With a seven lap solo breakaway and two primes, the race got a brilliant and truly deserving winner.


1. Andrew Donaldson (Giant) (F)

2. Ralph Keeler (St Ives Cycling Club) (F)

3. Stephen Bunn (Welland Valley Cycling Club) (F)

4. Jeff Hathaway (North Buck Road Club) (F)

5. Phil Cooper, Kingsnorth Int (G)

6. Andy Roberts (GS Vecchi) (F)

7. Martin Hackley (Team Jewson MT Racing) (F)

8. John Ginley (Shibden Cycling Club) (H)

9. Pete Constable (Basildon Cycling Club) (F)

10. Bob Ford (Bournemouth Cycleworks) (F)

11. Olivier. MacPherson (Kingsnorth International Wheelers) (G)

12. Paul Cackett (The Bike Loft) (F)

13. Peter Jones (Hillingdon Cycling Club) (G)

14. Bob Evans (Lewes Wanderers) (G)

15. Chris Croft (Dirty WKND) (F)

16. Chris Gunter (MK Dons Cycling Club) (F)

17. Dave Tomkins (Ciclos Uno) (G)

18. Trevor Cutler (Basildon Cycling Club) (F)



1. Andrew Donaldson (Giant)

2. Stephen Bunn (Welland Valley Cycling Club)

3. Andrew Donaldson (Giant)

4. Chris Gunter (MK Dons Cycling Club)


F - 1. Andrew Donaldson, 2. Ralph Keeler, 3. Stephen Bunn, 4. Jeff Hathaway,

5. Andy Roberts, 6. Martin Hackley, 7. Pete Constable, 8. Bob Ford,

9. Paul Cackett, 10. Chris Croft, 11. Chris Gunter, 12. Trevor Cutler.


G - 1. Phil Cooper, 2. Olivier MacPherson, 3. Peter Jones, 4. Bob Evans,

5. Dave Tomkins.


H - 1. John Ginley.



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